I'll try again. What is up with this?

(Easplund) #1

I’ve seen it frequently enough that I can no longer ignore it. What is up with El Dragon hiding in a corner by himself, clapping his hands? Is this the Dragon Jerk or something?

(Hobbit Warrior) #2

It’s how he powers up to 9000.

(Easplund) #3


(Hobbit Warrior) #4

It’s a call to be careful,

(Easplund) #5

Does it actually do anything other than make him look ridiculous? I can’t find any helix that would give some benefit to it. What am I missing?

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #6

Is this like, actual people Dragon or bot Dragon?

(Easplund) #7

Actual players. I’ve seen it since the game came out, but I have never been able to figure out why they do it. They literally go into a corner by themselves and clap their hands over and over!

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #8

Weird. Maybe they’re testing out helix upgrades or something.

(Easplund) #9

It is! I saw one doing it on Monuments last night, over in that corner at the bottom of our stairs, so I went over and shot him! That’ll teach the dirty bastard!

(PSN LucastheUniverse) #10

Ah yes the corner clap. I myself have fallen victim to its deadly clutches many times.

It’s possible, though quite rare, for one to become so amazed by the glory of El Dragon that they become immobilized by awe, giving themselves an infinite round of applause. A corner is the best place to do this, as you don’t want anything else in your field of view except the magnificence of your robot arms.
Killing the dragon is a good way to end the self trance, but he may return to it. Best to just let it take its course. If they’re playing with a mic, you know that they’ve come back to reality when they’ve stopped shouting “EL DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON” at the top of their lungs

(Easplund) #11

I’m still laughing! That’s the best explanation yet!

(Is this thing on?) #12


Closer to home, I’m guessing players who want to rank up their El Dragon but don’t want to play him that much (at least until they’ve got some centre helix choices?) They probably park in the corner then rubber band the controller so they don’t get kicked for inactivity. I’m guessing that the secondary makes it easier to leave him in the corner without straying out?

(Jabrielthomas) #13

Maybe he is ,y’know, clapping the dragon?

(Easplund) #14

That’s what I thought. The Dragon Jerk! Hmmm, that puts the “EL DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!” shout in a new light.

(wisecarver) #15

If Dragon has the power clap he can do that to knockback enemies and minions from progressing.

(Look children, it's the end of the world!! :D) #16

LMFAO! Hilarious…