Illogical design issues that need fixing

Having reached level 30 and played quite a bit for a few days, here are some issues that are extremely frustrating to deal with constantly, and most of them should be easy to fix:

  1. There is an option to lock the mini map in the top right corner so that it always faces the same direction, however, no such option is available for the large map. Who thought this was a good idea? It is extremely confusing and frustrating when the map is turned a different direction every time you open it. It completely kills your sense of navigation. And good luck communicating to your team mates where to look on a map, since you can’t tell them to look north or southeast, because these references don’t exist with the current map.

  2. You can mark chests, enemies and locations with a single key press, however, there is no such feature to mark locations on the map. Each player should have their own map markers that everyone can see. Combine this with the previous issue, and communicating locations on a map is completely impossible.

  3. Another frustrating issue is that the map returns to the default zoom level every single time you open it. I basically never want my map zoomed in, so every time I open it I need to begin by zooming out for 3 seconds. This gets old fast. Please have the game remember my zoom level.

  4. Having no option to turn vehicles with A and D makes no sense. How are you supposed to aim your weapons and drive properly at the same time when you use the same controls both for driving and aiming the weapons? Please add the option to turn with A and D so that we can use the mouse to look around and aim the weapons while driving.

  5. Having a full inventory is very common in the Borderlands games. In this game, somebody thought it was a neat feature to implement rolling numbers on item prices every time you hover over something. So for those of us that like to throw away the cheapest items to make room for the more expensive, this process takes five times as long because we need to wait for that darn number animation before we can see the price. Please add an option to toggle this off, so that we can see the prices instantly.

  6. There’s a firing range on Sanctuary III, however, it is quite useless and is little more than an aesthetic in its current form. Please add a proper “training dummy” that we can fire at and actually see damage numbers present. The current ducks are of no use.

  7. Random dialogs happen way too often. Don’t get me wrong, I do love them and the humor is mostly excellent, however, it’s like constant bla bla and repetitions when you’re standing around for a few minutes. It makes the random dialogues appear too artificial and repetitive, and besides being annoying, all of these funny remarks you hear will get old fast. Please make longer delays between these random dialogs.

  8. The hardest one to fix, but probably most important gameplay wise: Bullet collisions are horrendous in this game. I can’t recall BL2 being this bad. What I mean by this is that you often can’t fire too close to walls or in between holes in fences etc. even if you can see the enemy clearly, because bullets will collide with nothingness. This kills snappy and immersive gameplay and needs improving.

That should be it. Other than that I love the game. Just have encountered some bugs with sounds disappearing sometimes and item icons that get mixed up or don’t load. I also had a shotgun that couldn’t be fired if you clicked the left mouse button repeatedly while loading. Once it finished loading, the bullet would be drained but no shot would be fired, and you couldn’t reload again until you clicked the left mouse button another time. The shotgun was literally unusable due to this, but thankfully the shotgun wasn’t that great. I’ve also read that people are having issues with everything in their stash disappearing, but that didn’t happen to me, yet. Finally, please fix the cutscenes for people playing on ultrawides with Fidelity FX on, because they get cut into something that looks like 4:3 and texts go outside visibility.


I’ve found gun play to be very bad and an obvious downgrade from bl2 imo


Absolutely. Everything you mentioned should have been taken care of in Beta. I expect an update patch.

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Adding to point one, I play on PS4 every time I access the map and try to move the cursor it snaps to the top fast-travel location forcing me to manually move it back to where I am. (often on the other side of the map) This should be fixed easily by simply locking that function to the D-pad and allowing free movement for the analog stick.

  • They got rid of “sell all non-favorites” from presequel. I don’t know why. Why not have it alongside “sell all trash”?
  • the RESIST and IMMUNE text popup used to correspond to the element, now it’s always yellow. Why? Why not have it a different shade from the damage numbers but still color coded? Can get pretty misleading when dealing some kind of bonus elemental damage.
  • augment loadouts, and a button/button combo to switch between them would be cool. Amara’s infusion, to bring an extreme example, can hinder you if you have the wrong element. Would be really fun if we could switch it on the fly.

I agree with these added points as well. Regarding a quick sell feature, I don’t even look at the stats on white and green items, and so it would be great if I could just sell them instantly without having to mark them as junk first.

I’d also like to add: It’s possible to throw items behind/under things so that they disappear. A friend threw out a class mod for me inside Amara’s room on Sanctuary III. He was standing a couple of meters in front of my stash safe, and when he threw it out, it disappeared somewhere behind there. The item was lost.

I’ll take it one step further - get rid of all unnecessary eye candy in the menus: rolling prices, 3D character models, animations of any kind. They are not necessary for getting ■■■■ done and only add to load times.

When I get into a menu, I need it to load ASAP, do urgent stuff (mostly manage my equipment) and get out. If someone on dev team LOVES their eye candy, fine, add an extra tab called “Character view” with as many bells and whistles as you want. Just make sure crap in there is not loaded by default. I also sure hope when I’m going into inventory they are not loading 3D gun models ‘just in case’ someone decides to hit ‘Inspect’ on a pretty gun they just got.

Actions that are done frequently should be optimized for performance, not good looks.



If Gearbox is watching I agree with every item on these lists, fix these minor problems and you’ve got the game of the year on your hands. But these problmes do kill the immersion and flow.

As an aside; Does anyone else think the lack of multiple shops on longer/bigger levels is a problem?

Skywell 27 for example is an incredibly long map the first time through, I usually make it about 1/3 of the way through before my inventory is full and I travel back to sell items. Enemies have already respawned and I get stuck in a loop on the first 1/3 of the map. The first time I played this map I pushed on through thinking that surely there would be another set of shops or two, but never found them. This KILLS me, leave loot behind in a loot focused game, or get stuck in a loop trying to get everything. More shops and fast travel points on these larger maps please!

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There were a couple of times or so where this was indeed the case. I haven’t finished the game yet so perhaps it’ll happen again.

I’d also like to see them add a “sort by value” as an additional sorting option for the inventory.

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Agreed. While it wouldn’t make sense for Marcus and Zed to set up shop in a monastery it didn’t exactly make sense for them to beat us to the Vault or Terramorphous Peak either.
It did, however, make perfect gameplay sense in a franchise which is basically a break from reason (or indeed sanity) anyway.

Beyond that I gladly agree with @Mortac 's points: the map, inventory and bullet collision being the most frustrating in my experience. (Firing an Atlas homing dart and having it hover 15 cm above a concrete roadblock feels more like Bethesda than Gearbox to me.)

Moreover the target dummy is still, in 2019, an important compliment to CE for BL2 theorycrafting, something I and several people I know were looking forward to.
Arguably a bit gruesome but again, a staple of a franchise which doesn’t balk at grue (that’s a word now) to begin with.


I agree with basically anything but this:

is just badly hidden in the controller menus

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Agree with every UI point.
In addition:

  • bying car menu is terrible, you always going back and forth for nothing and press wrong buttons again and again
  • compare weapons function working is very non-intuitive - you visually scroll shop items but in reality your stash
  • if you open records menu, you don’t have any tool to scroll to the bottom to read full text, the only option you have is to listen again
  • this one *** me the most - color selection in character customization, it always switching to new color pair (1-2-3) on any action when you haven’t selected needed previous colors yet, thus you mess all the colors you’ve already selected
  • as for random dialogs, I so hate to miss something due to the fact I’m already opened menu and doing someting, for example, I’ve lost what Zero finally said to me just because it happend the same time as looting from brain, having pause in menues would be really great
  • forcing to watch intro on any new character start is ridiculuos. Hey, it’s the start, I want fastly create four characters and watch intro only for the one of them! Moreover, playing with friends you have the opiton to select a character fast but for some reason after that you again have to watch intro and again select the character
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I’ve also come across an annoying bug with the Catch-a-Rides:

If you change your vehicle profile, the game will occasionally revert back to your old profile when you respawn a vehicle, even if the new profile is saved and you’ve actually spawned vehicles with the new profile in between. After changing my vehicle profile yesterday, there would be like a 50/50 percent chance for the game to use my old profile whenever I spawned a vehicle, and this happened many times.

I’m not entirely certain, but this might only happen to clients (non-host) in multiplayer games. I know my friend experienced this bug before as well, but we have taken turns hosting, and I can’t remember who was hosting when he experienced it.

You actually can. Set controller settings at driving (ye, it’s affect keyboard/mouse) to left handed - both button and joystick settings, i can drop a screenshot but i am playing in russian.

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Yeah, change vehicle controls to vehicle relative in the controller settings, works for mouse+key too. Not sure I get the flaming against the standard setting, that’s how it’s always been in Borderlands. I mean, I always hated it, but it’s nothing new. What’s new is that this time you can actually change it.

That said, I definitely agree with points 5 and 7. That it takes about 2 seconds until you see the price of a weapon in your inventory just makes no sense at all. And there is too much idle talk, I find it especially annoying with Clay who just keeps blathering on and on without saying anything–which is really bad when you have to wait for them to finish talking until the next waypoint appears. It must be said though that TPS was even worse in this regard.

Regarding point 7 about random dialogs getting old fast, well, it already happened and I’ve only played for a few days. It’s actually reached the point already where I and my friends have to move our characters occasionally because it’s become so annoying to hear the same things over and over again.

No spoilers, but it’s also a bit dumb that when you kill a main boss in the game and something dramatic occurs for some of them, just a few seconds later they stand around next to the killed boss talking regular nonsense. Give us some respite, please!

Few more from me
-Missions do not specify what planet they are located. Annoying when one wants to play on a certain world
-No quick way to determine if missions are avail to grab at locations without selecting every location individually
-sort by type doesn’t seem to work in the shop or bank. Esp annoying in bank since thats where I mark my junk due to grid view

Everything the OP said is on point except I haven’t had any trouble with gunplay and considered it better than bl2 personally. Been running Amara with shottys and smg’s tho so idk if I’d of noticed collision detection.


I agree with all you said about the map and I’d like to suggest being able to see all quest points without having to switch back and forth to the quest page. Maybe with different icons to designate side missions.

What I whole heartedly agree with:

  1. Lock the minimap down, this should be the default. It’s so ingrained in game literacy at this point that going against it just causes unnecessary confusion.
  2. The map should be zoomed out by default, or at the very least, stay where it was the last time you opened the map. Also/or, increase the scrolling speed. It’s slower than a sloth eating molasses.
  3. The selling price on items. Good Lord, who thought that was acceptable? In the time you’ve graciously saved me by not needing to kill bosses 10+ times to get the legendary I’m after, you’ve squandered it by waiting for those numbers to role to the selling price.
  4. Skipping cutscenes. I’m probably going to watch every scene as every character. I will appreciate the work that went in to creating such scenes. But after that, I’d like the ability to skip it.

My biggest complaint: please add a few more strategic vending machines. I don’t think every level needs an additional machine, but they are surprisingly scarce. I get that it’s to make the lost loot machine have a function, but since cash is incredibly valuable right now, I’d like to be able to sell stuff more frequently.
It’s not necessarily a problem on levels like Pandora where you can get out of your vehicle, fast travel to a vending machine, then fast travel back, but it is an extra step.

This happens to me as well, only when I’m in someone else’s game. Frustrating…