I'm a badass orendi ps4 player (what I'm told)

So I’ve been told I’m probably one of the best orendi players (also been called a hacker cause of the fact I can instakill sentrys) and am curious to see if others agree with me, so basically I’ve only lost 10 games as orendi and I’ve played well over 80 and I always get over 20 kills with under 7 deaths and am able to one shot sentrys b4 I’m even built

Same thing here! She is a counter king and unstoppable if you know how to use her. 14-0 like every game. When people see me they run.

Got ya moved to the open beta competitive multiplayer category.

Its always nice to have a solid Orendi on the team. Most I have found lack thumbs so far!

I love Orendi. I don’t always get the most kills but I sure as hell dish out the most damage.

Same man and what’s funny is when they ask me how I put out total of 100 million damage

Same here I usually put out a total of 60 to 100 million

Orendi was actually the first character I chose though I never played her in pvp mostly cause I prefer melee type characters in mobas but I’ll deff have to try her

They need to fix her. This play is highly unfair. I stay away from playing Orendi, Ambra and Galilea atm because I have a heart.

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For Orendi, you just need to avoid using her legendary item. Orendi herself is balanced as a character, she has no problem. It’s the bugged legendary item that make her dish out compeltely ridiculous amount of damage.
IMO GBX should remove that item from the game until it’s fixed, this is game breaking when it’s used.

Lol, I suppose, but I don’t play Orendi anyways.

Legendary item? She has her own item? What does it do?

It stacks 30% damage on her pillar every time she misses with it. It should reset and only stack it once but it just keeps stacking on top of itself.

Holy poop. o-o;

I think everyone has a character specific legendary item, some are better than others.

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Well, they removed her legendary item from the beta, so she should become more fair to play

The dps potential on orendi is absurd.
I main Galilea pauses for stern looks and hissing SORRY i really like her backstory. Anyway I have never had a problem with orendi bc of shield bash and my ability to pull her nice and close, but I’d be lying if i said she isnt a high priority on my kill list. I do not want to be on the other end of 4 shadow fire pillers in a row followed by her ult.
No thank you.
Uh uh.
Fudge that.
Orendi is a glass cannon, if i can get to her its over but when i cant get to her… Arrggh.

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I like the people who brag about how great they are when exploiting a broken character/feature the entire time.

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Now that they nerfed Galilea some I don’t think you should apologize for playing as her.

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How is Orendi broken? Please do tell.

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