I'm a battleborn open beta tester and i think that Shayne and Aurox are to weak in the competitive multiplayer

I feel that Shayne and Aurox are in the top five best overall Battleborn right now. Durable, strong, reasonably fast, can pull, slow, stun, stealth, and more. Even the boomerang ranged attack is pretty good for a secondary.

You can play her (her/him, it?) several ways, such as sneaking to the back line while stealthed after a fight has started and ambushing enemies, or initiating with it. You are also in a good position to pull fleeing enemies or pull ranged characters to you or your team, and are a natural predator of Battleborn like Thorn, Marquis, and Orendi. You can absolutely annihilate them from out of nowhere.

Anyway, if Shayne and Aurox were too weak we probably would not seen one or two basically every match.

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I wouldn’t say Shayne and Aurox is top 5 battle born. The top 5 are probably (in no particular order) Oscar Mike, Galilea, Ambra, Monatana, and Miko. I feel like these 5 are going to end up being the meta, they are all much stronger than most other battleborn individually and as a team are next to unbeatable.

monatana is above oscar mike if you ask me, because he is a ranged tank with a mini gun making him durable and hard to hit.

I was saying in general didn’t list in any particular order or power level.
If I had to list them it would be:
Oscar Mike

In my opinion i would say the top 5 at the moment in order are:
Caldarius- Most mobile character and if played right will probably never die but he cannot solo a game.
El Dragon- Highest single target damage output in the game and can very well solo a game if played right.
Galilea- Just overall great. Really high damage and sustain and even has a stun to boot.
Ambra- can do everything just like Galilea and heal her teammates but doesn’t have as big an impact on the game.
Miko- Best healer and can pump out alot of damage, the only con is he is very squishy.

Honorable mentions:
ISIC- With the buffs they gave him after the CTT he is just a monster. He has basically everything but insane damage output outside of his ult. Shield, Rotating Shield, Charge shot aoe sniper, anti melee balls and a dash that also stuns for 2 seconds.
Melka- With her changes they basically made her Caldarius but with higher damage and less mobility.

Thats a good list, i haven’t really played against or with caldarius recently or el dragon so I wouldn’t know where to list them. But back on topic it seems that Shayne and Aurox wouldn’t be considered top 5 but she is probably more mid-tier to top tier. She isn’t one of the few characters that you can pick and always do well with. Most people lose their first time playing as her which shows she does take some getting used to. I think she is well balanced and can 1v1 really well but once a group fight happens she blocks alot of Allies shots because of her size and is a big target so usually the first one a group kills.

Really? My favourite character is Shane and Aurox. I find them to be one of if not the strongest most versatile character in Battleborne. The suggestion of giving them a buff just seems crazy to me.

my favorite characters are phoebe and Shane and Aurox I know that phoebe is really good at one on one BUT i’m not sure that Shane and Aurox as good at one on one at least for people that don’t have very good internet. It’s still good internet but not great.

I’m no MOBA or FPS expert but I think they’re in a pretty good place. I’m usually not that great at melee but I usually do pretty well with Shayne & Aurox. They do good damage but have some survivability and she has a fun kit of powers. Personally, I don’t think they need to change anything about her. If anything, they should do something about the fov for all melee characters as it is too easy to lose sight of your target or have them jump over you and get behind you.

Yea idk what it is but I feel the S&A are very underwhelming to play. I just played a game as them after hearing they were good but god, I was more of a burden rather than benefit to my team :confused: But at the end of the day she may just not be my type of character.

Shayne and aurox is my main character and I get over 15 kills every time. U need to learn how to use him and which skills to upgrade, he can be beast.

She takes a bit to get a handle on. I was awful my first few games. Once you get it down though she’s on par with oscar mike easy.

Sprint speed mod with 0 cost
Attack speed mod
Cooldown mod

Overcharge on fetch
Boomerang ricocet (this is your minion clear, and very good at it)
Fleet increase- When you need to move, miss a fetch and you’ll fly
Either or here, shield penetration is probably better
+damage, just use stealth to slap on slow and kick out an aoe, then follow with a stun or vice versa
tag team slow

Just play hit and run, toss lots of boomerangs, and then when you find a lone target engage with melee. In meltdown you’ll top minion kills and have a positive kd almost every game. Just resist the tempation to charge in full yolo… she’s got hp but she’s no tank and her melee damage is meh once the shields drop.

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Tbh, haven’t read all responses, just the OP. I’m almost mastery rank with Shayne and Aurox after 1 day of play since the beta came out for Xbox One at 10a.m. yesterday. I have no issues carrYing a team to victory. You just gotta understand how to play her. She’s a shield tank brawler that does really good critical damage with her boomerang. I understand only 10 matches or more with only one win is probably frustrating but it could be possibly you are playing or building her the wrong way.

Underpowered? She has the highest sheild in the game a done of health and great damage she built like denfender and has great skills and attacks if anything shes op your probably just not very good with the them if you think they are underpowered

I play them more as assassins. Do your burst damage and get out of there. I’m not the best at MOBAs or FPS so any game where I have more kills than deaths is a good day for me. With Shayne and Aurox I’m normally getting 6 -8 kills 2 deaths and 14 assists. I got 13 kills once. I bounce boomerangs off of minions and battleborn until I or they move close, then cloak, then fetch them while they’re slowed and put the smackdown on them, If they are somehow still alive, run away/kite them to a teammate

I love Shayne.
Went 18/0 with her once. She’s tanky as hell, how are you building her? For helix’s I go:

  1. Overshield
  2. Slow
  3. Recharge
  4. Normally mutation Multi-Fetch, sometimes Stun.
  5. Shield recharge at end of skill (MUST HAVE, I used to run fleet foot. I’ve gone this now, works MUCH better)
  6. Shield Pen (This is kind of a throwaway. Both are useless imo)
  7. Shield strength
  8. Damage.
  9. Cool down. You’ll be using fetch as a CC and Overshield, not dmg.
  10. Pull N’ Slow.

Her legendary, Smack Attack slinger works nicely. The add damage to the boomerang makes for a good “poke”. Slash someone a couple times and boomerang them once as they leave.
Firmware Update 1.51C, the legendary from the first mission. Good cool down reduction to spam the overshield and slow, and nice sprint speed to chase or leave.
And a random HP regen item. Mine does 5.5 base, +3.3 when shield is depleted. It does reduce sprint by 7.7, but Firmware gives 9.74. Because of Helix 7, you’ll still have no HP regen. Most of her use comes from that Sustain, and never having to retreat but for a few seconds.

It’s never let me down yet. In terms of usage, start a fight with Stealth strike, and maul them while they’re slowed. Save fetch for if they start running or your Shields go down. When the next Stealth Strike is ready, use it to disengage or finish off. Because of Helix 5, if you stay mobile you’ll have infinite Shields.
If you really want to just mess a single person up, don’t choose Stun Fetch, pull the person into your team then pop-unpop Stealth Strike as they come flying towards ya…Now they’re not where they want to be, AND they’re slowed.
Once you reach 10, your Ult is one of my favorite skills in the game for team fights. It will pull ALL the enemies in, slow them, and damage then. Only downside being you can’t use your other skills. But hey? Who needs to? Find a nice spot, pop your ult, and get ready for the Taunt.
I don’t know why you would EVER go Shield steal for your Ult.
I successfully won several 4 v 1 fights simply due to her survivability. Screw damage, she makes a wonderful Ninja Tank, with a ton of CC abilities.

Sidenote to any Shaynes: Even if you’re going Damagey, unlike me, don’t choose the Damage for your first Helix, please. It does so little damage, and it just tells the person you’re stalking “Hey, you should probably skedaddle about now”.

I’ve been using your build, with attack speed/shield strength/Max health and regen gear, and Shayne and Aurox is nearly unstoppable. In my last 3 games, I have averaged about 15-1, and about 10 assists and have screenshots to show. It’s insane because I switch to Ambra or Galilea and I just feel like even they aren’t as good, Galilea is the only hero I’ve had trouble killing though so far in a one on one.

You could formulate that a bit differently (think about the forum rules my friend :wink: )

Try something like:
I think S&A dont fit your playstyle

Mhmm. Yeah. That. Post removed.

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