I'm a Borderlands Veteran but i think i've had enough of this game. At least for a little while

The Ridiculous amount of bugs in this game are unacceptable not only for a triple A game but for borderlands game.

The skills of characters are bugged, The banks has been bugged. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of balancing and brokenness of other aspects of the game. Crucial aspects of the game are broken the characters, the performance/menus, and arguably the loot system.

I know many people have gone on rants like this on the forums but it is so SO disappointing for the game to be like this. I played borderlands 2 for 7 years and borderlands 1 before that yet i can’t bring myself to stick up for this game.

I’m deeply disappointing in gearbox and the borderlands team maybe in a couple of months i’ll comeback or if the next “Big” Patch helps but until its fixed gearbox has lost a devout fan.

I hope you all understand this is just my opinion and i deeply wish it was different.


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