I'm a Galilea player and I'm proud

There’s two sides to everything and I want to give a shoutout to a cool character concept and the people who enjoy her to offset the hate she’s getting on the forums. I gravitated to her immediately in the Beta since I usually main melee DPS in these types of games and I dug the whole “cursed Eldrid” concept as well as her aesthetic design. Her abilities (as many are aware) are both highly impactful and have a nice “dark space magic” thing going on. She’s one of the few self-serious characters in the game so I was kinda bummed she wasn’t featured in an story missions. Hopefully in future DLC.

While she’s not my main (because Mellka is that awesome), Gal is a close second.

What about you all?


I think she is really an interesting and fun concept, OP or not she is cool as ■■■■. I love player her and I can’t wait till they get her balance right so I can really dive into her.


I felt the same in the beta. Galz just sort of called to me lol. I adore the heck out of her and she was my first mastery. I do kinda feel as though the hate has concentrated on her when there are other OP characteristics of other characters. I congratulate the individuals who created our lovely and most badass Helician Arbiter.


Anyone with a sword and shield combo I always try out first. It’s been one of my favorite HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) styles since I was a child reading fantasy books. I also used Sophitia a lot in every Soul Calibur she was in. As for her abilities, when I’m not on PvP I love using her first two left helices for a Captain America play-style. Rush through enemies and hit them with a returning ricochet shield.

I’m also glad I managed to get my Ambra kills before they nerfed her anymore and forced me to start ganking Ambras with my team. (She’s really good at running away with her overshield.) Seriously, I wish people would stop screaming for nerfs and just try out new strategies. Learn the match ups. (I really have no business beating as many Benedicts as I do. He can freaking fly and just hit with homing rockets from afar!) I can only hope GBX takes a calm and measured approach to balancing her and other characters to ensure fairness rather than the constant knee jerk reactions too frequently had.


Bah. Too edgy and “darkness” for me. Huge sinner when it comes to the over use of particle affects too. Plus, axes > swords.


With Galilea being the char I originally wanted to main, I wasn’t going to post in here, saw no point taking myself to the pillory.
But after seeing yet another ‘Gali-is-OP’ thread pop up every day, I think this one (and every legit Galilea player) deserves respect.

But anyway, nice job @Saboteur-6. You managed to accurately describe almost everything that drew me to this character.
And I think, it’s important not to forget the fact, that there are people who don’t play her for her OP’ness, but for her character design and intended playstyle.
(I couldn’t really decide on one main char during the Beta, until I unlocked her Dark Knight Of The Soul lore.)

Btw: I have (until now) only run into absolutely incompetent (enemy) Galilea players in PvP, who never even got close to a good Killcount. So while I can understand a certain rebalancing of her abillities might be in order, I can’t really support the notion of her ‘wrecking’ entire teams.

(It’s funny that people are scared of her. And it does sort of fit her design. But come on, people leaving queue just because there’s a Galilea on EITHER side?! Why not just quit the entire game? … I don’t get people wanting to fight for Victory giving up w/o even trying. And after that colossal, personal failure they shift the blame to my favorite character??!)

Galilea player and proud of it.


I love Galilea. I am glad someone finally posted a thread that sheds a positive light on her. She’s getting so much hate. Im a solo player for the most part and I have been gravitating towards melee characters in this game.

Regarding pvp i would have to agree to the poster above me. I am good playing in teams to complete an objective (ie playing missions co-op) but I am not too great at killing other online players so I usually try to fill a support role. Now I haven’t played PvP since beta but before she was nerfed i did play as her in the sentry pvp mode. and i absolutely sucked. so i think sure maybe she was over powered but the argument that anyone can play as her and wreck others is false. I think it’s just as much to do with player skill.

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People seem to stick to their premeditated opinions when it comes to Galilea, instead of actually assessing the situation.

I went up against another Galilea player in Meltdown.
He/she was flanking us and saw me using desecrate to block a chokepoint to help my team with minion kills, while engaging the other Galilea.
When I turned towards her, I stupidly missed the shield throw and she still ran instead of finishing me (all skills on CD, not on full health).

Is my character OP because of that? No.
Does this make me a good PvP player? Hell no.

But in the end, I presume that player will still blame Galilea’s OPness for having to run. :rolling_eyes:

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I cant even tell you how many yimes i miss with shield throw. Even when i was playing voids edge and warlord nix was right there in front of me. All it takes is a primal thrall to get you from behind as youre throwing and its gone. And doesnt come back for like 20 some seconds. Unless you go grab it.


This is interesting, as I, as a person extremely allergic to edginess, actually find her very likable and her edginess toned down and, well, in the lack of a better word, “muted”. Not in the sense that she’s not all over the place with her corruption stuffs, but the whole effect it has on me is, surprisingly positive and endearing if you will:)

I mean, we are talking about a guy who got OW access about a year ago and didn’t play for a month until I decided to proactively learn to play a game that has Reaper in it:) Now I find him hilariously fun, like an overblown linkin park teenager dude, but I had severe (very childish) difficulties of even playing matches he didn’t even actually had to be in, because my mind knew that he is somewhere in the roster, just waiting for me to cringe me to death:)

Galilea, on the other hand, took the whole gimmick to a more “mature” (well, honestly, quotation marks are there for a reason, but you get the notion) level and to me at least, she was very likable and there was zero off putting when it comes to her. I was mostly like “see, that’s the brooding character that “feels right””. Unlike Nolan’s Batman, for example. Or Reaper (though, I am a bit too harsh on Reaper, as he is meant to be “that cringy guy” quite deliberately and if we are to be fair to him, he more fills the shayne and aurox niche than galileas because he is so over the top that he runs full circle and becomes a lovable stuffed bear once you get through the initialization pain:) ).

tl;dr - i find her surprisingly non-edgy and cringe-inducing.

As for the particles, I think, while it doesn’t look so, one of the main sinners is actually oscar mike with upgraded grenade. Now, that’s billions of both 2d and 3d post processing rainbow vomit that burns every cpu/gpu combo to shreds, along with one’s eyes:)

About the topic, I kinda “fell for her” while I was browsing character roster. She seemed very, well, politely designed, not going anywhere weird but still having the decent punch to the design, which was rather refreshing (I know, that’s a weird notion) when one goes through the BB roster:) Add to that that I am generally a “I will take over the world along with this gurl” kinda player rather than the “I AM this dude” kinda player and you get a perfect mix. Although I mostly played Thorn and Oscar Mike (him basically because the game prompts you to and he’s a safe character, so to speak, for beginners), Galilea is my “to go to” character. Though I don’t get much chance to play with her as everyone picks bunch of thorns and marquises with all power of their ssd first-load-first-served disks, that I often do damage control with someone like Ambra, athoguh I am not exactly thrilled:)
But when I manage to squeeze her in, I pick Galilea.

As for the “she’s OP, you have no shame” notion, well, she’s actually UP when I play her:D As I am pretty good at fps games of any variety, it’s way better for the enemy team if I go Galilea, regardless of how OP she might be, than for example Thorn and employ all of my high mouse sensitivity quake heritage:)

So, I never even regarded the notion as I am some kind of a douche if I select Galilea:)

oscar mike? he just has a napalm grenade! Thats easy. But galilea throws purple black all over the place, and then purple auro bubbles and then she turns black and demonic for some reason.

She does, but I can battle my way through it and know which map we are playing on. But when he 'nades, all hell is loose, at least for me:)
And I actually like her realtime edge progression, I think it’s a nice touch, both visually and informatively, similar to el dragon’s knuckles, but it’s more prominent.

Tbh, I played Galilea. I loved the sword/shield combo, and this was before any nerfs.
And I was bloody awful. Like seriously. So props to you guys for pulling it off! (Any tips for a melee noob? lol)

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Right there with ya! I haven’t played her since all the announced nerfs though, it’s so annoying hearing people complain about her. I just hope they keep her fairly intact as I don’t want to have to relearn how to play her. I don’t have much of an issue going against her. Many of the characters in the game kinda have this rock, paper, scissors thing going on with them. So you usually have to be aware of who you’re opponent actually is, so you can adjust your response to them accordingly.

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For me this game is a tie in terms of who I like the most. I love Oscar Mike because he is so far the only character I don’t suck as and he’s funny, but I absolutely love Galilea. Her lore, personality, appearance, fighting style, everything. She’s awesome. I do wish that there was a way to have an expanded powers-of-darkness setup for her, but as she is I still really like her. I am just really bad at playing her. :stuck_out_tongue:

AbsoLUTEly! I love characters who fight with shields, and I also love me a big, burly bitch rolling up on the field and putting the boot to some people. As soon as she got added in the beta cycles and I got to try her, I was in love, and it’s only grown as I’ve gotten to play her more, and gotten through all her lore challenges.

Her voice lines as she wavers between her normal state and fully corrupted are just amazing. The entire attitude she presents, from the knightly vanguard, to the deeply corrupted, barely restrained viciousness, she’s just amazing and compelling. And gameplay? She just feels AMAZING to use. The variety of tools you can use to customize your effect on the game is fantastic. I love bringing her onto the field because even losing, she FEELS so good to play.

She’s been my main since she got added. She’s probably going to be my main for the entire rest of this game’s life. She is pretty much everything I want in a character forever.

So bring on the cries, let Gearbox tune her down. I’ll still be here, corrupting the battlefield.

I still think she is pretty solid surprisingly. It’s hilarious equipping her with all attack speed up and turning her into a whirling dervish. Plus her shield stun is still one of the best (well Alani’s is overpowered comparatively but Galilea’s is cooler!).