I'm a little torn with my build. Tips?

So…what I am running right now is the barrier and SNTL drone. Im focusing on planning my shots instead of running around trying to gain a bunch of kill skills. For me that sounds fun BUT…I like to survive and have balance. Focusing on cryo freezing and crowd control in a way BUT…also deal some damage. I have a cryo artifact that helps a ton I bet. Im mid way through TVHM on Eden 6 on mayhem 3 and its pretty average. I do occasionally go to multiplayer when I am bored wanting to do Slaughter Shaft to gain some anointed legionaries.

Its ez, its decent, not bad. Heres my skill tree:

BUT…I cant help but think right now that I am torn with either using:

  1. Rough rider and Infiltrator class mod to utilize some of those bonuses from the mod and barrier skill tree. I keep my health up, my action skill resets. I gain health from frozen enemies, salvation from hitman, etc BUT…having no shield can lead to some off survivability time in certain situations, especially online.

  2. Using the Legendary Amp shield to add amp damage to my shots and using a +5 playing dirty Legendary Mod to utilize that. With this setup, I know the One Pump, Monocle, hellwalker, etc. excels in this. This setup I would still gain bonuses with action skill reset but maybe not as often as the Rough Rider. Maybe more survivability online and solo but maybe less action skill reset?

  3. Using the Legendary Nova shield and a Executor class mod with some playing dirty, good misfortune. This lets off a 22k nova blast when broken, reload speed when depleted, chance to reflect bullets, and its annointed with action skill cooldown. Sounds like a normal shield and would work normally with the bonuses from barrier skill tree.

So I am familiar with most zane builds so far but honestly Im just looking for some input from you guys. Im just a little torn right now. Im the person to want to use what is most “effective” but I know there is a bunch of effective ways to play Zane. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

That’s basically the build I posted a few days ago, I’m now going with a glass cannon version that gets synchronicity and donnybrook while throwing away tankiness and sustain. With an amp shield you lose skill resets with Calm, Cool, Collected because of the way the game calculates when the shield is full. The shield will drain before the damage is calculated so with amp shields you will always just begin to recharge shields on freeze. With that setup, you’re purely a sniper who stays inside their barrier, and doesn’t move until everything in your sight is dead or needs to escape. I’m still testing overall, but have two-shot anointeds with this version in mayhem 3, which previously were the only really problematic enemies for me with that build. On average base damage before Overkill snowballs is 100-140k with cryo bonus. Usually after third consecutive OSK damage numbers are in the 350-500k range overall.

Rough Rider will not synergize with a variety of skills in Under Cover, so unless you specifically want the constant skill resets, it’s not worth it. All the tier 1 skills in Under Cover, and Confident Competence are nullified with it. This is why the Infiltrator COM in general is really not very good for straight damage output and you will get much more from the Executor COM over Infiltrator in nearly all cases.

That nova build is cool but really turned out to be a novelty compared to the builds I’m running now. It’s super fun if you want to make a nova spamming build, but it simply isn’t enough damage in Mayhem 3 and should be relegated to Mayhem 1 or 2 instead.

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as my man mentioned here you have to decide what you want, class mod and shield you mention do not play to the strengths of the build and play style you declare you want.

rough rider and infiltrator are more about runing into mobs faces and effin them up while keeping your health up with salvation. you want run and gun com and shield paired up with sniping behind the covers play style. choose one :slight_smile:

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Hmm good info here. Thanks for the tips guys

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