I'm a tad embarrassed asking (Moze)

I’m just looking for her DLC3 head piece. I’ve never had issues getting cosmetics before but not one has dropped in 2 full DLC runs and a lot of random strolls through the land. I have some pretty nice guns from my journey and will happily part with them for this piece. It seems like the most classy or sleek head Moze has access to (dont tell DisenGaiged). My GT is RampageArmadon and have a few days off work with a new Xbox (translation) I wont be difficult to get into contact with.

I’m having the exact same problem with Zane and Flak skins, they just don’t seem to drop for some reason, don’t be embarrassed coz you’re not the only one who’s had to make a post asking for help finding them lol :v:

I’m not 100% sure you can trade heads on the Xbox, I had an extra Moze or Zane I was going to save to trade but it wouldn’t let me bank it.

Just got it from Ruiner. It appears that heads can be mailed from you’re inventory. I’ll keep an eye out for those skins Spartan.

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