I'm about done playing online

Way too many people out there that get you to carry them through stuff and then kick you as soon as you beat the final boss/stage. Really and honestly, I’m usually only there for the eridium and rare relics, but people always kick you out or switch network modes so they can have everything. EVEN AFTER you sat there and helped them out.

It’s pathetic and it’s ruining the game for me.


Sorry to hear this @capnslapabich. That is pretty lame.

Yea that’s very lame done like ppl like that


Best advice I can give is to make friends here in the online play sections.

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I’m on PS4 as well, usually playing with a friend. If you want to play just tell me, this stuff won’t happen with us … it’s pathetic. Don’t let those loosers ruin a good game for you.


I was playing a few nights ago and somebody joined my game to help with killing dead lift and we beat him and.the player that was helping me decides to start lifting loot and robbing me blind .everything he was picking up he was headed to the vending machine to sell.did that several time and gave him a benefit of the doubt until opened up a loot chest with two good nova shields and he picked up one and before I could dump my backpack he lifted both shields…that really ticked me off and backed out of the game.i could understand collecting some loot from a game from helping but taking everything in sight is crazy.you have your bad apples in every batch.like others said set up with online friends only.

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Yup solo dolo or with friends. Multi’s fun and all, and the extra drops are nice, but if you don’t get a chance to grab them what’s the point?

Yeah, that is bogus when people do that. I mean it is just a game why do people have to be so greedy.

im looking 4 xbox 1 people 2 play with

Psn afgyilan. Im usually doing things for others, it would be nice to have someone to team up with on raids. If you decide you still want to do online feel free to look me up.

Couldn’t agree more. But don’t let it get u down. Like others said, gather a team of friends 2 rely on. And block-slap those deserving.

The kick thing happend to me, again, last night.

I entered some person’s game thru matchmaking. Person was solo (and unsuccessfully) trying to bring down Hyperius. Person kept dying, I kept reviving + supporting the slay. Eventually person died the speed death bco too many prior dyings.

So I brought Hyper down solo with person watching from behind the gate bars.

And as soon as drop started, I got kicked. (With all 6 at op 8, do I´look like I need loot? No.)

Person played as commando at level 72+ and PSN name is MadeInSpain1979.

So … should u encounter, consider this a warning.