I'm afraid I know what's gonna happen at the end of the beta

For most Beta’s all your character info is wiped and you start from scratch. I’m really happy with what new things Gearbix have put into battle born, but I’ve also pumped 26 hours into Marquis. I’ve unlocked a bunch of skins, and mastered him. But come tomorrow at 7am, all my progress will have been for nothing. I wish it was possible to retain the lore mastery of a character, even if the level on the account is reset.

We all MUST start from scratch! Prepare yourself!

well this is the 2nd time for me.

3rd for me.

It’s fine. It’s a game, not a race. We all get to start on a level playing field again.


3rd as well, and its okay, realistically I think it’s better to refresh it again, for many reasons. Now when the game comes out you’ll be able to get some characters faster, for example.

The other thing, for me, is that I have to remind myself that the game is about having fun, not logging some e-peen hours to show off. Does it matter if my account is level 10 or level 99? no, as long as I’m enjoying the game.

No beta that I’ve ever heard of keeps progress. All cache is always wiped. I also sunk countless hours into the game, but I’m not complaining. The grind is part of the fun. Once everything is maxed the game starts to become monotonous because you’re always doing the same thing. And so, I don’t mind that it’s getting wiped, and look forward to leveling my faves again.

I only wish I had my faves from the start, but hey, it happens.

Heroes of the Storm Beta content stayed.
Just sayin’.

But, yea. I get what you’re saying. One shouldn’t expect that a free-to-play Beta should carry over progress to the real game.