I'm afraid this game is too sjw for me

There is no playable character identifying himself as a male:
Amara - woman
Moze - woman
Fl4k - non-binary
Zane - pansexual

Of all the important characters on the spaceship (out of 11), only two identify themselves as a male: Marcus and Crazy Earl (but there is no evidence that this is so).

Fl4k is robot… but we MUST to refer to him as “their”

Head of corporation Torgue - bisexual
Head of corporation Jacobs - gay
Head of corporation Maliwan - I heard that he is gay
Head of corporation Atlat (Rhys) - I heard that he is bisexual

Tiny Tina - bisexual
Axton - bisexual
Maya - asexual
Moxxi - bisexual
Ellie - bisexual
Hammerlock - gay
Zero - has no gender
Claptrap - I don’t know
Tannis - making love with a mining trolley

A huge number of other characters that I can’t remember right now is gay/bi/lesbian/etc.

Scooter identifies himself as a man… and was killed
Roland identifies himself as a man… and was killed

I am a biological man who identifies himself as a man, and i feel that game punish me for that.
I’m afraid this game is too sjw for me.


Being gay or pan sexual or bisexual doesn’t mean you are not male.

Gender and sexuality are 2 different things.


What about Vaughn?

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Since when is Ellie bi?


Is this the one who runs around the Pandora naked in his underpants?

Yes. He’s a manly dude bro. Or a dudely man bro. Maybe even a broly man dude.


I’m afraid this topic is too full of ignorance for me.


He was not even allowed on the ship… I think he will be killed in the DLC. Anyway it exception that proves the rule and he is not playable character.

Zane is a male


You get a canned response.

Honestly. Read these threads, please:

And the forum rules:

And then, please, just try and deal with the fact that non-binary folks exist, that Gearbox promote inclusiveness, and that on this forum, it’s considered polite to use they/them.

If that’s really too much to ask, I can only suggest that you go somewhere else. No-one here cares what you call them in-game or in the safety of another discussion platform.

I’ll take any questions via pm.


Oooh, and do be sure to tell me how the game is punishing you.

That will be fascinating.