I'm assuming the irony of DLC characters is not lost on everybody?

The stated reason they didn’t want to make DLC characters for BL3 is because supposedly people just stuck with whatever character they first picked. The DLC characters (Gaige and Krieg) apparently weren’t popular enough or played enough to warrant making more characters for BL3… and then they only get the two DLC characters from BL2 to be primary characters of the DLC for BL3.

EDIT: @Bremen1 also pointed out that the DLC characters from TPS were also major players in both the first DLC and the main storyline of BL3. Good catch.

IDK. I just get a very bittersweet chuckle out of that.


Maybe they used all their good extra character ideas for BL3 as NPCs?

I mean, I guess they could have made Dr. Zed’s missing Brother a DLC Vault Hunter or Shade…

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My boys Sal and Axton left in the dust. I’m shocked with the female centric roles played in this game the left out Athena as well.


And timothy with handsone jackpot and Aurelua played a big role in the base game


In a way Amara fills Athena’s role as the elemental melee character.

Her & Athena crossing paths would be… Interesting.


its weird because replay-ability is what kept the older games so alive. new vault hunters were a huge part of that. but i guess they knew people wouldnt want to replay the campaign again


Amara might have been meant to fill Athena’s shoes as the elemental/melee character, but she falls dreadfully short IMO.

While the crossing of paths between these two would be interesting indeed my pick will always be Athena. Moxxi said it best, “that kitty’s got claws”.


I think they’re pretty well matched but would give Amara the edge cause Phasegrasp has no counter.

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Phasegrasp is a cheeky victory, no matter it’s effectiveness lol

I was really hoping to see Captain Scarlett as a VH in BL3 NGL.


I’d happily play through it again with new characters. I’d play through it again if they released characters from previous games. Whenever I get around to getting the extra skill trees it’s likely that I’ll make at least one of the characters from scratch and play through it again… assuming they don’t add UVHM with that DLC and screw up the level scaling so you’re forced to play it to max out your characters. Because that’s truly the worst.

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I have fun replaying the story with my collection of low legendaries. Being able to use a level 15 Dictator can be really funny. Without my collection I would never beat this game again…

I d prefer an extra vault hunter over any 4th tree any day but whatever


Basically from what we have seen in chat than yes lol

IMO one of the reasons the supposed numbers of people playing as the DLC characters in BL2 had to do with how unbalanced the game was once you hit UVHM. For most of the causual players that played the game long enough to get to that part they probably felt the effort of learning and building a new VH wasnt worth it. Especially later when you could just about sleep through anything using Sal.

I also cant help but think their numbers are tilted by recording people that didnt even play the base game long enough to reach sanctuary.

For me and a large number of other players adding DLC characters to a game results in us wanting to start a new playthrough. In this game I think the incentive would actually be higher due to the additions of cosmetics and more actual dialogue by the VH themself.


I think this game would’ve benefited way more by adding DLC VHs. I believe the biggest turn off in BL2 were the huge time investment to get to max level and essentially required to beat the game 3 times in order to do so.

BL3 “fixed” both of these problems. Normal mode scales with the player and the XP grind is much, much shorter.

I got all 4 VHs to lvl 50 very early, whereas in BL2 i’ve only maxed out 2 in 7 years.


(*me, who totally didn’t use the exp glitch to max 3 of my 8 characters on PS4, not including my PC and Xbox 360 versions back when the game first came out)


Woah. Mind blown. Good catch there lol.

I wouldn’t have minded quite as much except the game ceased to be fun for me in UVHM.