I'm back and free guns and anything you need

Hey guys I used to play borderlands every day but stopped after awhile but I’m back and I have almost any gun/ mod anything you need so send me a message if you need something I have pearls legendarys Seraphs everything my psn is beast1234256h609

Hey guys that’s my other account but just send my psn (above) a message if you need anything

And I forgot to mention everything I have is op8

What legendary class mods do you have? Also looking for better Sham and Norfleet if you have it. If not, I’ll try to farm Vermi some more.

I’ve just completed the campaign on my gunzerker, you can help me farm the warrior on normal :smiley: I’ve played borderlands 2 so many times but I just recently started playing on ps3 whereas I used to play on xbox.

Kinglummox- add me

I’m down I need some better guns.

Do you have a shock conference call

Do You Have Any Rare Skins?