I'm back, I guess?

what’s up folks

i uh. sht. I don’t think I’ve consciously made an effort to look at anything here since 2015 and I was pretty deep into my depression at the time. Since then I’ve dropped out a total of 3x from college, moved to the Grand Canyon Village, then Saratoga Springs NY, and I’m living back in the south, albeit on the coast. I just bought BL3 and I’m really hyped to play it and get back into the community here. feels very strange but hopeful, idk man. at least now I’m not posting aggressively at 5AM, right? anyway hi. hopefully some older heads around here remember me


i have missed many people, among them @StrikerZidane, @ThatOneGuy23, @Derch, hell I think kitty got married not long ago. anyway hi hello


Who are you again? :thinking:

Dude, depression’s tough to deal with as I know all too well. Glad to have you back though.


oh ho ho you? don’t remember me? BUDDY. i missed you! have you got better internet than the phone connection you were using the last we spoke? I had to deal with that myself for 6 months while I was living in the Grand Canyon Village.


You were here, in Saratoga, 10 minutes from me and we never met up :sob:
And yea, got married. Very happy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I WAS and you never messaged me back :cry: i’m happy for you! I saw the pictures and Scarlet was your little angel. I make enough money now that I may end up flying to NY for holidays sometime soon just because I can

Nope. The big Internet providers don’t care about fly-over country.

give us proof that you really are the real jianderson :smiley:

I have a few throwback questions:

who’s my main toon?
Can pokashine speak japanese or korean language?
is Altair a man or a woman?
do you like voracidous?
do you play with or without pants?

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Neither. They’re an attack Apache helicopter.
Are you spying on me?

STRIKER. i missed u buddy. we should do zer0 team ups sometimes. Alty is a woman! goofy i hate vorac

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welcome back XD

a year too late! I was active last year XD but we’ll see. I’m still playing like once a month :))

Holy ■■■■, I’ve been off this for so long man, I’m glad to see you’re back

hey buddy! you should play bl3 with me. Miss you my dude. i know our playthrough got delayed/knocked off, sorry about that ;…;

Welcome back dude.

It’s okay man! I don’t have BL3 yet :frowning: but we should absolutely play when I get it

Thanks! I’ve missed everyone around here, I hope I can stick around this time

What’s your Epic name?

oh it’s jianderson!

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Request sent.