I'm Back! Shocked? Challenge Help

Ok so I’ve started a new Psycho for the purpose of finishing off my Handsome Collection - Borderlands 2 Platinum trophy (I had Platinum’d all the Blands games back on PS3, but I lost access to that PSN profile cuz the email address was so old when I switched to PS4.

This Krieg is tasked with completing level 1 of all non level specific challenges.

I’ve been very thorough since the very start of the game, and I don’t have many levels 1s left (really only enemies / gear types I haven’t encountered yet and chipping away at the large number of point blank shotgun kills and rocket launcher splash damage kills) but one that I have 0 far despite using shock weapons, grenades, and spike / Nova shields since around level 10 (currently about to hit 16), I have somehow not gotten a single Shock DoT caused Second Wind, despite I SWEAR watching it happen at least 10 or so times.

I know I’ll randomly purely by chance get it as I keep playing, but I literally only need ONE for level 1 of the challenge.

Any tips?

Is this challenge glitched?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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