I'm back! Well, kinda. And I hate to ask, but

Is anyone still doing loot drops these days? For those who don’t know me, I was really active way back when Battleborn was at its height and I’ve been playing Borderlands forever, even had some times on the time trials leaderboard. Until recently. I lost my main account, with it my save data, and I really don’t wanna go through reclaiming over 5k hours of levels and loot.

So, I hate to ask, but I’m looking for a little power levelling and some part-specific loot (I have a list). If anyone can and is willing to help out an old legend of Pandora and these here forums, I’d muchly appreciate your time.

I should add that I’m on PS4. If you can help, please PM me for details. I have a rather particular set of requests, but I’ll try to keep it short. Cheers in advance fellow Pandorans and forumites!