Im beyond arguments, im now just legitimately asking: please address galilea

OR, bring back the old phoebe. How anyone can rationalize a stun that you just have regardless of what your helix choices are is beyond me. Desecrate is the most broken perk in the entire game, and there is no way in hell anyone can possibly disagree with that. I am now beyond arguing about it anymore, so please do not even try because i will not respond to any further argument about it. This is a legitimate plea to the developers to seriously consider her helix and the stun. How can you think nerfing ambra again was a good choice because you wanted her to fit more into her role, when galilea is not an assassin, yet is going 20 and 4 in matches against decent players???


phoebe’s fine and galilea is really good but most likely not op

The most I could say for Galilea is to drop her greatshield strength to block a little less damage. She is pretty much a dps focused character so allowing her to block that less damage would probably help even the odds.

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I have plenty to say about viable countermeasures against Galilea, but since you don’t want to argue I’ll just say: “Git Gud.

As for Phoebe, I understand that she’s been nerfed, but I still have no trouble at all getting 8-15 kills every control match. After getting lvl 5 and getting the 30% damage reduction from True Blade, that’s when she really shines. The launching blade move is kind of useless to me, but the teleport is amazing after you increase your movement speed after using it as well as slow enemies caught by it. Don’t see the problem.


care to private match???


A bit of competitive banter is one thing.

Let’s just make sure it stays friendly folks.

should also not have any health regeneration, and silence within the field of desecrate is NUTS. so not only do you take dmg just for being in it, but you take increased dmg from all sources, and silence everything that comes into it. meanwhile you can stun an enemy, then absorb more dmg than anything the game has ever seen.

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which is why i am not partaking in insults anymore. ive learned my lesson. i challenge people to private matches and they typically just continue to insult, but not once are they willing to match privately. i would prefer to do my talking in the game from here on out. i got banned last week for a similar discussion with someone that i now consider a friend


Your approach is very mature and measured, and I commend it.

We’re all here to have fun!

I’ve yet to have any major issues playing against Galilea, but maybe that’s because I play Thorn mostly with speed gear on and can run away from virtually anyone when in danger, unless I get trapped.

(I imagine this tactic has made plenty of people angry, due to having been chased all over the map again and again. Gotta stay alive for the team, haha.)

EDIT: looking over her abilities though, I find it kind of strange that she has the ability to cloak, block, and regenerate health. Especially since she’s such a nice dps character it seems. I feel like dps characters are supposed to be more vulnerable, and that’s a lot of options for Galilea to save herself without the help of other players.

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I’ve not played a lot, cpl matches to be exact. But her power is crazy. I’d also like to know what in the world a player or character can do to defend against her. Honestly, as soon as I open her she’ll be the only character I use. She seems extremely op. Does she need nerfed, that Idk. But more strategy to compete against her would be greatly appreciated

let me just give you a run down of her finer capabilities in comparison to other battleborn, both before and after they were considered overpowered and then nerfed.
galilea just plain has a stun shield. she doesnt have to spec for it, she just has it. no other character in the game has a stun that allows it to be landed while maintaining optimal engagement distance. it instantly stuns you, and is REALLY hard to miss unless you are trying to stun a jumping, bobbing and weaving thorn or orendi, which you really have no business doing anyway. if you catch a thorn that far out of position it is rip for the thorn. phoebe used to have a stun that you had to land a hard to aim skill, then land a specific hit from a combo within a very short time period and it was completely removed from the game.
she can curse the ground she walks on as a melee character causing increased dmg from all sources, and just flat out dmg for being there. it can slow you, silence you, she can pull you into it… she can map you with a ranged attack… she regens health
she also has a shield that she can absorb more dmg than any battleborn can dish out with everything in their arsenal. all the while awaiting her cooldown to just stun you again, get another bubble, etc.

but here is the ultimate kicker… she doesnt need anything but the stun. all you need is the right gear, which i wont mention here, and to land the stun within melee range and she will kill any other assassin character, and some tanks just within the stun time.

desecrate is not a bubble that follows her lmao. you really should know the character before you talk crap about her. desecrate sits on the ground … aoe circle… her stun isnt op, and is actually hard to hit unless you are point blank or your targets are noobs not moving around and sometimes jumping.


I don’t know about that. Maybe decrease it a bit, but the fact is that Galilea kinda needs that health regen to function properly. Maybe not have it be life steal, but just regen? That might work. Galilea is the kind of character that, once she gets going, she’s going until she can’t anymore. The trick is to get her before she revs the engine. Ranged characters can do wonders against her (from my own experience Marquis/Thorn wreck me)

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I’ll repeat what I’ve said elsewhere. I won’t argue either, just state my opinion once.

She may be a little OP. But really just a little imo.

Her stun, the shield throw, is not the easiest skillshot to land. Not saying it’s hard, but against someone who’s aware of your presence and your skillset, he will expect the stun and move accordingly. And she bloc far less damage if she don’t have her shield / don’t walk to pick it up / miss it and don’t get the rebound.

Her Dark Zone is stupidly strong but at the same time really easy to avoid. It’s more a follow-up and zoning tool than anything else. But if you stay inside (It’s No heal + Perma Silence zone) Yeah you’ll die.
It’s also a bad solo follow-up skill. If you stun + zone you then lose 1 sec of DPS because that’s the cast time of the skill. I believe the stun is 1 second so you only get the chance to do one 3-hit combo then the enemy should sprint away and kite you because you have nothing left.
Of course the game is not about duel and usually when you get stun, you die pretty quickly assuming the enemy team can react to it. But then again, the zone it not needed in this case.

Her Ult is bad imo. Low damage and Low Heal. Something like 1sec cast time so not that great of a panic button. I find it pretty ‘Meh’ tbh.

I mean, she have a lot of counter play, you just have to know her kit and play around it. Try to avoid the stun at all price (something like 15 second CD). For god’s sake don’t ever stay in the static dark zone, that’s this most OP thing there is in the world and that’s why she does 1v3, but you just have to walk away 5 meter from it. Then she can’t do anything but block (Or not if she missed the shield throw) and retreat.

And finaly, she does a ■■■■■■■ lot a total damage that’s for sure. But you have to understand that total damage, while an important metric, also come without context. You can’t just compare total damage and draw conclusion. If it’s like any other Moba, some heroes will do more damage (Because Poke, DoT, Traps, that kind of stuff) while others less so (Burst heroes typically) and it’s balanced that way.

The context is that she does a lot a small AoE damage. That’s not really the damage that will kill you (It might, sometimes, but really burst at the right time is what kills people) but it still tick like crazy inside the minion wave and inside teamfight. That’s a lot of low threat passive damage getting added to the total at the end.

Passive damage aside, her single target 3-hit combo damage is really high. Maybe too much.

But for her DPS to top the chart, other DPS must be bad or new to the game. Pinguin guy, Thorn, ISIC and Oscar, to name a few, destroy her and the damage chart when played well.

you’re looking into the wording and not the effect. and yes, i have played her. you should feel really stupid right now. look at the left side of the helix at skill 4, and the right side at skill 4, 8, and 1. all of the effects that are tied to the “field” referred to in the effects that are applied to desecrate, refer directly to the bubble that follows her. it simply does not apply to a place on the ground where she pops the skill. you really need to do some research before you come on a thread talking facts with someone who has played the game more in a week than you have between the ctt, beta and full game

Keep her as is


ill tell you what. private match me with no galilea. if you can 1v1 my team’s galilea with any character in the game, i will publicly agree with you. and bringing up some statement that you have 1v1 against galilea is irrelevant. i have done the same thing countless times myself. but those are not equally skilled encounters

my boldur will wreck gali. just sayin.

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Well the problem here is that she has very very high dps, tankiness and health regen. Don’t even need shield stun in this conversation. So you can just yolo any minions and level so fast. Then you get a few helix options and soon you are doing dps close to Rath’s ultimate with a basic attack.
You can get away with so many bad plays with her, that would leave any other hero dead.
People don’t think that she’s op, ok I will just continue playing her even if it’s boring to choose such easy mode and hope that Gbx get enough data to nerf her. And I do believe she’s in for a big nerf.