Im beyond arguments, im now just legitimately asking: please address galilea

Shes not a DPS character, shes a tank that happens to have the best DPS in the game along with the best CC. Any “counters” to her are either general counters against anyone, or work only on newbies. There are a lot of bad Galileas because shes EASY to play and she has a reputation as OP. Cant believe anyone considers her stun hard to land still, it literally paints you a line. @flapok2 that small AoE damage is how she easily levels, it clears waves for her, plus her attacks are so broad and fast she doesnt even need to focus minions, she just has to be in the lane holding L1 at something and they’ll die eventually.
Playing a campaign/pvp and seeing who did the most damage is not an accurate measurement of a characters DPS.
At level 10 she has over 1000dps, she melted level 10 ISIC, 540 shield 2900hp, in 3.14 seconds. Shes basically fantastic at everything all at once when compared to other character types.

Gali is weak now she has been nerfed almost as much as ambra was. Leave her be at this rate me may aswell just nerf everyone so they only do 1 dmg and have no skills.

No character in the game is OP people just need to learn to use their advantages over who ever their fighting.

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I’ll give you a hint to a pretty sweet Gali counter (It’s my profile pic)

I say replace the shield stun with a slow and rework corruption. A way to do this would be to only have corruption rise when she uses desecrate (since she taps into her demon powers with that skill) and later with her ult. Or make corruption have a small negative side effect. Slower movement speed or something like that.
Another thing that might need looking at is the ranged energy attack you get at level 3, because right now it is a no-brainer to pick that over corruption increase while blocking damage, as it gives you so much more dps in close combat. Also it makes some Gali players really confused, they stay back since they want to stay full hp to keep their ranged… but then they only use the ranged… I’m not really sure how to fix this one tbh.

Also about that countering: If i have to pick a specific character as a precaution just because the enemy team MIGHT have that one character (Galilea), that character is changing the meta all by itself and thus needs to be looked at.

Man I would love to play against your team just so I can witness a Galilea be as good as advertised. Every Galilea I’ve gone up against recently have been really bad. I was nemesis several games and I play Reyna. Just to note I’m not disagreeing with Galilea being powerful in the right hands I just haven’t seen it.

Usually in my team we call out - oh Galilea there. And we dogpile on her and drop her like its nothing. 1v1 she’s probably next to impossible to down and I know there are traits she has that make it so she can kill you with her shield up.

Desecrate is her E, it is placed at her location when used and does not move. This is the skill that increases incoming damage to enemies, can be upgraded at level 1 to either pull enemies into it on activation or wound people for 5 seconds (no healing;) at level 4 you can choose between making it heal allies, silence enemies or damage enemies; at level 6 you can increase its duration and at level 8 you can make it slow enemies, hasten you or cover a larger area.

Corruption is her passive that builds up as she attacks and uses skills, this is based around Galilea and follows her as she moves, damaging nearby enemies and healing Galilea. At level 3 you can make blocking increase corruption, but no one would because it’s increased very easily already; at level 5 you can make it give you a heal over time while active, increase faster or give up to a 35% attack speed boost depending on how much you have.

The ability to have a desecrate that can pull enemies in (guaranteeing a shield stun, which then prevents healing for 5 seconds,) silence them and slow them while Galilea herself can do massive damage at full health after levels 3 and 5 while also having access to a shield block does seem like too much rolled into one character.

It’s also worth noting, she seems to be able to attack while sprinting while I don’t think anyone else can. That alone would make her ridiculous to escape, assuming it’s intended.


If its just a Galilea she is actually beatable. Her selfheals are more to get her back up when shes out of combat, not enough to sustain. the real problems start if you have teamed up people with a gali and a miko. If miko does nothing besides healing galilea permanently, she will wipe you out over and over and over again, because if you focus her she will outlast you because of heals, if you focus the healer she will dps the living hell out of you before miko is dead.

Wait. what if the higher her corruption, the less healing she receives from allies? That would make sense in context to her lore and also address the “miko humping galilea at all times” issue.
Then replace the stun with a longer slow (like 5 seconds maybe) and she would be good in my eyes.


This applies to every tanky character, this 2v2 scenario of Miko + tank requires 3 people to stop it seems. And it makes sense, 2 team mates dedicated to a single cause are more effective than 2 acting autonomously. The Miko relationship is symbiotic, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be stopped it just needs more coordination to stop it.

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Galilea needs to be disabled until hotfix or reworked. When you get higher up to about 25+, you start seeing people abusing Galilea Reyna + one other support often Miko. The only real counter to this as a person who play Galilea as well now, is to just lock Galilea back and fight cancer with cancer.

Even just Galilea alone is enough in a comp. I have the “Sprint and get healing item” legendary so that remove the issue of having to go heal when I get poked and lose my H3 IDtGA.

Being able to be one of the hardest chars to kill while having the most CC and most DPS in the game shouldn’t be allowed on a char that doesn’t take skill to play to begin with.

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Hi not saying she not op but no where ner as op as your making out
I will prative match you im on ps4 though
Her stun is not op her dangerous to go alone is her life steal is going into abyssal form and not be able to hit her is. Sprinting while attacking is. Aall that needs to be done make it so she can be hit while in her ult reduce dangerous to go alone damage to 40 and make is so she cant run while attacking.
Her desecrate doesnt follow her around thats her corruption. Dersecrate sits on the floor wear she casts it, corruption is the bubble that deals damage and life steals

Pretty sure you can hit her while in her ult, just she gets a damage reduction.

Yes, this. Cloak and run away.

But seriously, the biggest problem I have is that she’s the only character in the game that can attack while sprinting. Suggest that any other character should also be able to do that and you’ll see how ridiculously broken it is.

Montana should be able to attack while sprinting.

So people are working as a team like is what is supposed to be done and that makes the character OP?

People asked for her to be nerfed in the beta and she was. She was also nerfed again before release.

Its gt the the point now where people refuse to figure out how to beat her and instead ask for her to be nerfed AGAIN.

She is easy to deal with if you work together. If she is being healed get your snipers to mamke Miko or who ever back off then take out Gali. It really isnt that hard.


There’s one thing about working as a team and actually doing something because they’re skilled at it.

And there’s another where the whole thing looks like teamwork because the person you’re supporting is broken as hell.

Try the same thing with Montana, Phoebe or whatever char you can think of. None of them is as powerful as Galiea who can do everything by herself anyway.

Want my way of Team work with Galiea?

Get Vortex
Get silence
Run into enemy team
Press Desecrate
Hold left click

I just did what a whole team should do. 1v4 by myself, grab 3 kills, and ult to safety. I guess “Army of One” is a teamwork strat now and I totally am the most skilled person in the earth and everyone else is just underpowered and unskilled compared to my left click holding Galilea.

Deande still can’t sprint and attack at the same time.
Rath has to Helix into a spin attack.
Here comes a char who can do both while being a heavy looking shield warrior that run faster than most chars in the game, including the ninjas.

That’s really more of a Miko problem then anything. Many of the characters just hit crazytown op with a Mike glued to their butts. Just one example would be Montana and he’s range and he can zerg down enemy spider tanks in a lolwut amount of time.

Concentrate on discussing the game, not other users.

Rolls Eyes

PVP’ers will always squawk that the “PVP is unbalanced”.

It was Phoebe in the CCT, now it’s moved on too Galilea - people seems to just need a target to vent their frustration at or something… Seriously, look at ANY PVP game, and these kinds of discussions crop up all over the place, and a new one if formed the MOMENT the devs address the first one…

For the record here: I think Galilea is in the a good place now (no I do not play her in PVP matches so don’t start there lol).

ALSO: At the very least, please ensure that any changes you DO make to her (if you guys REALLY deem more are necessary) do not “leak over” and adversely affect the PVE Story Missions - I get SO sick of games with both PVP and PVE making changes to “balance” the PVP that just f*ck over the PVE side without considering how the changes will impact it…

i usually go 20 or more kills, 5 or less deaths with gali, and oscar mike is not a counter to gali, i eat oscar mike for breaky.

She’s not eh?

I’m starting to feel like they tried to cram too much into one character, haha.

idk I need to actually play her as well to get a more informed opinion.