Im Confuse Plz Help Me

hi every body
i got this email and when i clicked on GET YOUR KEY i go to
and i log in to my shift account after that i dont see any key or anything for pre load plz some one tell me what happend and can i join to this test or not?

Seems like the thing that is working for most is to unregister and then reregister

I meant your RSVP

I was told that you can clear out or Cache of your brower then re log into your shift account and check your RSVP and it should be there.

what should i do dude? :([quote=“onlyagamer, post:4, topic:712791”]

sorry for my bad engiish spoken
what is RSVP ? you mean this site ?
and should i delte my brwoser cache then log out and log in?

yep, thats it, delete your internet browsers Cache, then log back into your shift and check the

i did as you say and nothing change see my result :frowning:

Well the only other thing I have been told that works is this

Sorry, mine worked no problem. Windows 10 PC using Google Chrome to access it. Perhaps try a different browser. I know the stuff from gear box looks totally weird on my android phone, all disjointed and parts missing.

thanx alot dude that trick worked for me i play on ps4 my id Ghasedak if you want add me