I'm confused about the lore

On https://battleborn.com/en/faction/ it states that the Jennerit “aligned its destiny with that of the Varelsi”. Does that mean the Jennerit wants to speed up the destruction of the last star?

:smile: This is the principal material for the story, so I don’t want to spoil too much.

Read that statement carefully there, though. The Jennerit are definitely the more complex part of the backstory, with lots of drama. There are the Jennerit race. There’s the Jennerit Empire. There’s the Jennerit Imperium. Understand where Rendain fits into that picture.

That’s probably more than I should say, and definitely all I can say for now.

Speculate away, and after release, we’ll pop some popcorn and talk nerdy.


Don’t quote me on that, but i guess it did go like this:
Rendain (The Main bad guy taunting the heroes along in this year demo) was from the Jenerith Empire, and staged a coup against it but, from what i get, he failed. So the Jenerith Empire (Rath, Caldarius, etc) are still fighting the Varelsi, while Rendain’s forces (Like Nix, and probably former Jenerith Empire soldiers, i guess?) are allied with the said Varelsi.

What bother me, is that i still don’t know who own the bots in the first gameplay we saw a year ago, hah.

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Did you mean to type in “Imperium” instead of “Empire”? The website calls them the Jennerit Imperium.

Yeah, my bad.

Alright, thought so. Thanks!

Good start!

Bots are all manufactured and sold by the LLC, specifically a subsidiary corporation of the LLC named “Minion Robotics”.

The LLC are warmongers, and will happily (and semi-neutrally) sell bots to any fighting force who needs them. So, it’s very possible that the Jennerit will have a complement of bots to augment their thralls and other forces. It’s also possible (though far less frequent) that you’ll see the Eldrid employ a few bots when they don’t have enough organic ground forces (or don’t wish to risk them).

In Competitifve, where Battleborn fight Battleborn, minions are very frequently used to augment skirmish type of encounters, which are common in a universe where resources are in very very short supply.

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What i’m gathering from Randy is that the Jennerit are a race with a great empire that ‘spanned the galaxies’ or something like that. From this great empire was the Jennerit Imperium, which is like the armed forces of the Jennerit Empire (with badasses such as Rath and Caldarius in their ranks somewhere).

They lead the assault against the "forces of darkness’, Varelsi to stop the destruction of the universe. The Warlord, Lothar Rendain (The Big Bad of THIS game) of the Jennerit Imperium, seeing no end to the war in sight decided to have a coup to align the Empire with the Varelsi. Maybe in some deluded way he’s convinced himself that this way he can save his people (the Jennerit) somehow or he’s just insane/evil, only time will tell.

Anyways whether the coup’s a complete success or not many people die and the Jennerit Empire is left a fraction of what it was.

i’m guessing the leftover warriors from the Jennerit Imperium continue to ‘fight the good fight’ against the Varelsi; and considering they’ve still got the whole ‘immortal vampire’ thing goin’ on they’re probably still seen as a strong faction.

I love lore.

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Ooooooooo Care to share more info on the Multiplayer/Competitive modes just yet @Jythri ? :wink:

Wow, this is all sounding very MOBAesque.

i just love that the minions look like futuristic robot penguins. it’s too cute!

look at that cannon! (bunny ears!) i feel like i almost wouldn’t want to dodge it. it’s adorable.
they waddle don’t they? lol. too rich.

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The Incursion game mode is pretty much a First person Moba.

Raaaaaaannnnndddyyyyyyy! :fist shake: