I'm confused..... can anyone answer this?

Why did it take me 50-60 games with caldarius to get rank 15, but my friend got his phoebe to 15 in 20-30 games???

Were they all pvp? Pve gives more exp

You get more exp for your Command ranking with the completion of ingame challanges. Your friend just finished more challanges I guess.
(challenges can be: Kill minions, open chests, collect collectables, revive teammates, ect.)

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^ I was going to add then that I saw you did :acmaffirmative:


Alright, thanks for the replies.

You guys answered hella fast :slight_smile:


I blame gearbox great community


Hehe true

Isn’t the OP talking about Character Rank though?

Oups, yes he is! :sweat_smile: Though the exp-thingy counts for Command + Char ranking, at least I feel this way. (cannot verify it of course)
There are big exp-bonuses for lore-challanges too, which are easier farmed in PvE (most of them).

No, just Command Rank XP and credits for story mission challenges. I got OM to 15 and can’t decide who to play next.

Man I’m still trying to get my Cald to 15 :C got all his lore done so its going reaaaaly slow.

How many games do you have played with him?