I'm cool with Moze nerfs but can you at least actually tell me what's going on GB?

I thought something was going seriously wrong when I specced into the new skills but still did less damage than before. Only later did I learn Moze WAS nerfed, that explains a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty cool with how they nerfed it. It’s not like they sent FitSD and SF into Trashlantis; it still hits really hard. And since we got the whole “this skill is soo op Moze is broken as hell whatchamacalllit” sorted out, we can hope for some fixes on the purple tree(Yep, Moze definitely got the short end of the patch).

But can’t you at least tell us in the patch note that it happened? Fl4k got an overall rework on his blue tree, which is awesome, but it wasn’t on the patch note either. Oooor maybe the FitSD and SF damage scaling is a bug and it will be reworked? I personally doubt it, but maybe?


What are you talking about? I’m still seeing high damage from SF and FITSD

As I said, it does hit really hard. But it is definitely nerfed. According to those who tested, FitSD gets x7 mayhem scaling instead of x31 mayhem scaling.

They are still super OP but not super duper OP.

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If they really did nerf fitsd and did not state that they did that would be kinda poopy honestly. This patch had been pretty rough with nerfd and I dont mind them either as moze was overkill to the extreme but they should be transparent is they are gonna do that. Hopefully it is just a bug and it gets brought back up if it was.

Legit hard to tell the difference lol

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I have yet to test but I shall when I get home. If I am still destroying everything pretty effortlessly then I might care a bit less. But even at that point I would still like them to come out and say they did. That is the adult thing to do imo.


In the patch notes I saw very little if anything for Moze.

My guess is they will release a hot fix update with information more Moze specific.

Or they just might not mention it at all.

The word nerf is such poison and angers so many people that they frankly might try to leave it in stealth mode.

Not recognize it per se or talk about it.

While hoping that the player base doesn’t erupt.

Honesty is always the best policy even though it hurts sometimes and I hope they are upfront with changes.

Because in the end all the smart guys we have in the Mose forum will figure it out anyway.

We shall see.


Crap…I was hoping for super DE duper OP!:grin:


Perhaps the change wasn’t intentional – or it was too technically complex to explain the fix and/or what was going on with FITSD/SF scaling.

ffs those skills still do much more than they should but that is right it was not in the patch i sincerely hope clone would be nerfed too

Whats funny is we now have new skill that actually scales with mayhem… big surplus. Makes me wonder if selfless veng randomly got scaling