Im currently powerleveling people. UVHM Pyro's bar

First come first blahblahblah you know the drill.You need a mic and to be 17+ in age, cant deal with kids. PSN is BeyondArchangel

Would you be able to help me get to 61 when I get home from work?

If im awake.

Can I join this power leveling group please

are you by any chance still helping power leveling people

I can handle myself but I can help you powerlevel some low levels…

I am OP8

PSN ~ Zesty_Banana

Can you powerlevel me?
i am level 40 and i want 70 please, psn: pzygadlo23

can you add me my psn is everetth25

PSN ID is WarriorPoet1980. I know this might sound odd for a powerleveling request, but if you decide to help, could I stop once I hit 40 or 50? Mainly so I can get the class mod on (Zero/Axton) and farm a bit in 2.5.

Hey im at op lvl 6 me and a friend desperate for help up to op lvl 8.
Psn redeyejapeye.

Can you help me please

Could anyone help me power level I have a level 7 krieg, couldn’t transfer my 72 from my 360.
Message me when it’s convenient to play.
Psn - Hfindle69

can someone help me get to 72 lvl 63 psn Formulatedpig

I’ll help you