I'm doine with this game

I’ve taken this game off my xbox one. My characters aren’t playable when they are stuck at level 72 and can’t use the OP8. If this was an error upon the errror, fix the damn thing already. this issue has been around for 3 weeks at least for me. who cares about the legendary drop rate etc when you can’t enjoy it. i’m done


Did you submit a support ticket?

I suspect they’ll patch this issue still.

yep twice, all they say is it’s an error upon an error and our develepors are working on it blah blah blah

Unfortunately, they don’t have magic wands that can instantly fix bugs the moment they are detected.

It may take time to fix, regrettably.


My question is, what’s stopping you from playing OP8? The error message saying you can’t level past 72 is an error. You will still be able to play the game at OP8 and have OP8 gear drop. It works perfectly fine for me despite the error message.

no you can’t. when you try to load up a OP8 character, that error message pops up saying missing content etc. i’m level 72 fighting guys that are 83 or more.

That’s exactly how Overpower levels work. You stay capped at 72 (so you don’t end up with more skill points) but the enemies can scale up to the 80 range (72+8 overpower levels = 80; some enemies and bosses go as high as 83). Loot that these enemies drop will be as high as Overpower 8. It’s always been this way. The error message is an error in and of itself.

Edit: See these two articles for more information:

Gearbox Knowledgebase article on Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2/Digistruct Peak Challenge
Borderlands Wiki page on Digistruct Peak Challenge

These two pages go into further detail on what I mentioned above.

yes…i too mentioned that the error message itself is the bug in past threads so hopefully the more people that see this will pass it on…because there are some REAL bugs to work out…i just don’t understand how someone who has already reached op 8 wouldnt know this

but im not trying to be a jerk so if you really were confused at least you got the answer

Maybe he was powerleveled or someone made a character for him? Just a guess.

i know what i’m seeing. i don’t give a rat’s ass if you think this is an error upon an error. i know that i saw this. it’s not working when i try to upload the OP 8 character i get that missing content blah blah blah and even though that you think you can still upload the OP8 character, i’m fighting level 82 + baddies while i’m 72. Oh and if you think that i’m getting OP8 gear drops your sadly mistaken because of that ERROR UPON ERROR AKA MISSING CONTENT POPUP

It may be a problem with your game or save file directly. I get the same error message. I’m only op 3, when I fight enemies there are higher level but drop 0p level 3 items.

Again, being level 72 fighting level 80-83 enemies is exactly how Overpower works. Overpowered gear isn’t a guaranteed drop; not all gear that drops will be OP8.

You aren’t missing content. You technically can’t level past 72, so the error message is telling the truth. Your game is working 100% as intended.

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