I'm doing something wrong

I feel like an idiot because I am missing the obvious, but perhaps a gentle hint for a dense person will set me in the right direction.
At least some of the time, I cannot get one of my two weapons to fire while gunzerking. One of two things seems to happen. Either the gun runs out of ammo, but won’t reload, or it simply won’t fire. The last thing only seems to happen with guns which do not have an automatic feed, such as Jakobs weapons. I am pretty sure I am clicking the appropriate mouse button (left for the right weapon, right for left), but sometimes (not all the time) it’s leaving me in the lurch. What am I not understanding?
thank you much in advance

I don’t play on a PC but I would suggest that you check and see if you can fire on a different Sal or another character- it might be something physical with your mouse rather than the game…

If I recall correctly the jamming occurs because, while Gunzerking, Inconceivable prevents the weapon from firing or automatically reloading when reaching 0 ammo count in the mag/cylinder/tube. I don’t remember any fix outside of simply manually reloading (or not spec’ing into inconceivable).

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Hey thanks much.
I can fire well with anybody but Sal while he’s zerking.
I have specced into Inconceivable, I’ll see if that changes if I take Filled to the Brim instead. I can manually reload, but I think that forces me to reload both guns, so kind of suboptimal. But that would be a good explanation, thank you indeed.

If you stop firing during an inconceivable chain where there is 0 ammo remaining, the gun will effectively jam. From my experience, this only happens if you stop firing during a chain at 0 ammo. As mentioned above, reloading does correct this, although not really the best, it’s not all that bad.

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the best fix is to never let go of the trigger.

Just keep firing… forever!

and ever


Ok, serious answer this time :stuck_out_tongue:

The bug occurs when Inconceivable is active on one gun while the other reaches 0 ammo. Inconceivable will allow that gun to keep firing (so the game will suspend the reload animation) If you let go of the trigger during that time, the gun will not reload (since it could theoretically still shoot) and when Inconceivable deactivates, you’re left with a gun that doesn’t reload automatically.

The best fix for that is to not let go of the triggers.
You probably have Keep firing anyway, so you have nothing to gain from letting go. If you don’t let go of the triggers, you will always avoid that bug, guaranteed.

If you have to let go of the trigger, make a habit of reloading manually immediately, empty or not: it’s a good reflex anyway, You will avoid that bug and it reactivated L&Loaded.

Speccing out of Inconceivable is not advisable: those chains of free shots coupled with Money shot are one of the most powerful things in the game. And to say nothing of the free ammo and delayed reloadings. Simply put: it’s one of Salvador’s best skills, just learn to play with it’s quirks :slight_smile:


It works if mainly using jakobs’ weapons though.

Depends on your build

I quite enjoy shooting a Quad 6-7 times between reloads :wink:

And I rather prefer a higher money-shot frequency since Sal doesn’t have much problems achieving a reliable reload speed with jakobs shotguns.

Like I said, it depends on your build

But you’re right: a high frequency of moneyshots without Inconceivable makes for a pretty good build :wink:

I’ve experienced what you describe before many times with only 5So6 in my build. It’s what happens when the next shot would save ammo, but you magazine is empty. It overrides the automatic reload, Borderlands 1 has the same issue (with Lilith’s Phoenix).

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I’m only level 18 and so I don’t have any great combinations of skills or gear yet.
Honestly, if I could “never let go of the trigger”, I’d be happy. For an old man like me, it’s actually kind of hard to manually “fan the hammer” with both fingers simultaneously. If I were using automatic weapons in both hands, I wouldn’t have that problem as much, I think.

Yeah, 5so6 has been known to do that too, to a lesser extend than Inconceivable though :slight_smile:

I’d venture to say it’s great. But that’s just my opinion.