I'm done with battleborn

Unless they patch Galilea, I’m seriously done. There’s nothing left for me to do in this game except get frustrated.

If you think she’s totally balanced, you’re just a contrarian at this point. Matchmaking has been taking dramatically longer for me since launch day, and fewer and fewer of my friends are playing this game for similar reasons. Time to join them.


There has been conversation that a patch, with several changes, can be expected for balance.

There is no confirmation, but such things are hardly uncommon for newly released games that have PVP aspects.

Should you and the community feel she is unbalanced, Gearbox has heard their fans in the past, and may very well do so again.


You know this threads going to get locked right

I don’t care. I want the devs to address the community about this and tell us what’s actually going to happen and when. She was OP in beta. She’s just as bad now. She has literally ruined this game for hundreds of people, probably thousands.

Thank you for your concern, but no. It won’t.

Again, any comments showing dislike or criticism for the game are wholly welcome.

We do not operate under the assumption that caging one’s right to express themselves is in any way good business practice.

That being said;

It must be done so respectfully.

Other than that. People are welcome to say what they please.


They are working on balancing characters but it’s not always so easy. How do you properly balance her?

She has stun, silence, healing shut down, so many tools.

Do you need her damage, attack speed, skills, movement speed, amount of damage her shield can take?

They have already done a lot of balances to characters and I’m sure she is getting one. But it might k just take a couple of weeks to get it right. It could be at anytime but there will be a lot of balances that keep coming.

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She has literally every ability one can have in this game. That’s the problem right there. She has range, silence, damage buff, stun, melee, health regen, AOE.

I’m genuinely worried about the player base if its going to take a few weeks. Every game I’ve been in that has her on the enemy team ends with my team surrendering. All day today that’s been happening.

I understand that balance is difficult, and I don’t want her to be nerfed to death, but right now, a simple damage nerf across the board would fix her. She would still tank, and silence and stun, but she’d be more of a support-which seems to be what she was intended to be.

Shayne and Aurox>Galilea

Galilea might not be in the game but I’d be amazed if it can replicate the same thing

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Not at all. She is very deadly, but the team you played was total garbage. One crazy game means nothing. I’ve had 29 kills and 3 deaths with Oscar Mike before. I’ve had 21 and 0 with Boldur. Everyone has games like that, they prove nothing. Shayne is a massive target as well, you can unload any weapon on her at will and hit every shot.

Hang in there man. A nerf is def coming. You obv like the game; coming to the forums, etc. She will def will toned down. In the meantime just (try to) avoid that stun my friend.

Only won by less than 100. I personally think Shayne is the best character in the game. Increased movement speed and overshield on command, can stealth, stun, and more. Galilea is pretty easy to 1v1 too. I only posted that because I just finished that game.

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@BipolarFish Fret not!

I feel your pain. I was on the other side of a Galilea several times, and it hurt. She’s absolutely terrifying, and definitely has the potential to ruin this game’s PvP viability if she remains in her current unbalanced state. Personally I think rolling back the numbers on her, in regards to everything, would help. Also, making her more like Krieg from BL2, where you have to maintain momentum to stay alive, and you straight up die if you don’t, would help

Also, I probably shouldn’t mention this (MODS tell me if I’m wrong), but I actually live in the North Texas Area, where Gearbox is based. I was invited to participate in a focus-test for Battleborn on Wednesday, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will do my best to communicate the community’s opinion on Galilea, and other things that need to be addressed at this meeting. @Derch @Giuvito is it cool if I start another thread asking for suggestions from the community as to things I can bring up when I go? I already think Whiskey Foxtrot needs to be buffed, particularly in the health department.



Hey. Thanks for being so kind as to even ask if such a thread would be appropriate.

It is well within the realm of a new topic, and if anything, those are exactly the kinds of “group brainstorming” threads which help the developers.

Also, as Moderators. We are not filled in on focus testing as we are not employees of Gearbox.

We do although suggest in such instances to read the contents of the agreement you have in regards to focus testing. They’re all unique. So far as I know in other Focus Groups that I’ve heard of, you cannot discuss the testing ITSELF, but your opinion on a matter is completely yours.

I have very little motivation to play a game if the state of the game is in “OP” “UP” “totally above average (Miko’s self healing being lifesavior a little too much imo” … it almost gets to a point that there’s no reason to play “bad tier” chars, that don’t either have tons of escapes / survivability, or just aren’t galilea good. It’s seriously depressing, cause it makes me wonder constantly “what I’m I doing wrong?” “I should’ve got that kill?” “Why didn’t that die?” when I play the game.

It’s entirely possible that I’m playing the game wrong (I have played more shooter games than mobas) because I see my self 2 levels underlevel in some games, but I feel it just happens in a way that I don’t know what I possibly could be doing wrong… meh


@Giuvito Hahah ok, I’ll probably make one then. I’m going to try and contact JoeKGBX as well and see if he thinks its cool. I kind of have some “mild delusions” about working in game development, and I wouldn’t want to do something that would jeopardize that. ;D

I know exactly what you mean. Melee/CC is so dominant. I feel like there’s no room for anyone else.

Dude, don’t be so weak to give up so early into the games release, any game you play when it’s just been release will have these types of problems no need to quit playing plus most galilea’s that i come across don’t know anything about her and get easily shut down but i do agree she does need a nerf since she can basically walk into a fight and as long as she attacks she can survive and then just blocks when taking to much damage, your friends are just as weak as you are if they quit on a newly released game so quickly expect nerfs to come as every game you come across will do this ■■■■ just needs time it’s difficult to nerf correctly to make sure they don’t make her completely useless.

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@Giuvito I think they might have meant that the thread could be closed (or merged) because there have already been a bunch of threads on this. We didn’t need another.

We have already been told that Gal is high on their list of stuff for this week. People just need to have a bit of patience.

It is very easy to beat her with the correct team and people that know what they are doing for example i met a bunch of random people that i don’t know and we manage to win 10 games in a row and galilea was on 8/10 of those there is a guy called eltsoldier and he is insanely good with kleese whenever i see him in games he always gets 10+ kills to about 2-4 deaths everytime i see him. So it just looks to me that you my good sir are having insanely bad luck.

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Any post about possible counters to ANY hero seems kind of moot considering we only have blind pick in PvP…