I'm done with BL3 for now. It doesn't offer anything at this point to keep me interested

I honestly don’t see a point of playing this game right now. The “endgame” is terrible. Running through circles of slaughter/ proving grounds was fun…the first dozen times or so. Mayhem 3 is mostly frustrating due to poorly designed modifiers and non stop explosions on the screen due to rocket/grenade spam from bullet sponge-like enemies or having to deal with enemies who are immune to damage. Character’s skills that have not been working since day one are still not fixed, while you concentrate on nerfing gear that people farmed from…oh yea you don’t even have designated drops in BL3 - everything is a world drop. At this point I’m having more fun playing BL2 and TPS if I want to play a looter-shooter. I feel like all I’m doing in this game right now is farming Graveward in hopes of getting something good, so you can nerf next week and then I’m back farming him again after the nerf for something else until the next one happens. I mean is this your way of expanding the endgame for us? With constant weapon nerfs, so we can go find something else? Are ever going to stop before every legendary in this game is worse then a blue weapon? Yyou take weapons which are really good and make them useless, while trying to buff the ones no one wants to use because it’s still hot garbage. Pretty disappointed how it all turned out, after having high hopes for this game. I hope you get your bearings back together soon GB.


I feel the same. BL3 kept me busy a little bit longer than Anthem but after the last nerfing “fix” it’s going to the recycle bin too and I’m switching to Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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I’m the complete opposite. I love testing weapons/builds so for me the nerfs aren’t really an issue. Plus, there are always more buffs than nerfs and most the time they aren’t even that bad people just see a number and panic before even doing any testing.

Forget the nerfs, there are other things that make the end-game pointless. In a loot-shooter bank with max. capacity 50 is ridiculous, eridium and money are meaningless endgame etc. Instead of fixing real bugs, like the broken DX12 on PC and a game-breaking exploit, which I won’t mention here, they “fix” things that work.

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I see your point but if they buff 10 things a tiny bit but nerf 5 into the ground, it still doenst even out

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