I'm done with this franchise!

i’m sorry Gearbox you sold us a beta, after all this time this game feels like a friggin beta, i’ve killed at least 70+ Killavolt after latest hotfix and only “1” Monarch dropped for me, Droprates are garbage for dedicated drops after all this time!

the game became to “hey if you want to drop something good wait for the time gated events” and thats wrong, i’ve farmed wedding invitation for example, what happened to that gun? its garbage now because its event drop only(you can’t get it anymore)… Yellowcake,O.P.Q system etc will be the same soon

Too many annoinments,too many useless guns,too many progress resets in the past 2 months i can’t handle this much grind anymore, its even worse than Bl2 quest items farming

i was a huge Borderlands fan, i’ve 2k+ hours on Bl2 i bought every single DLC and skin packs for Bl2 because that game was worth it, BL3 doesn’t at least at the current state,

i’m done with this franchise,i won’t stay here and waiting for my progress reset everytime you decided to bring a new a patch with full of messy stuff or event only drop items which will be garbage in the next month, i’m done

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Laughs in Sham


The bloated loot/anoint pools and low drop rates are intentional. They really think making the game less rewarding will keep everyone playing/grinding. but hey, at least it’s not as bad as the last of us 2.


I never really cared about The Last of Us so to me it’s sorta worse, but I did LOL so you sir get a like :smiley: lol

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