I'm Downloading

I’m Downloading!!!

Purchased PC version on 2K.com

Got an Email… Left Work… and Now Downloading through Epic…

Pumped :slight_smile: Got a New AMD RX 5700 XT just for this Game and Looking forward to Co-Op w/ the Wife on X-Box !!!

I’m Downloading!!!


It’s Installed and but the server is down so it’s just a tease… How dare I think 2K is taking special care of their customers who purchased direct…


i downloaded it yesterday
git gud scrubz!

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What’s your Secret?

i r a trollz

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Lame… Go Away Rainy Cloud.

all joking aside, I saw mine downloaded and ready to play and was all excited as well…

looking forward to some mind numbing vault hunting!!!

Pumped! 40%…

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What edition did you buy? I bought the super deluxe edition from the 2k store and didnt receive an email but the code was on the confirmation page, when I go to the epic games launcher it says I own the normal edition and that the deluxe and super deluxe edition are unavailabe, is this normal?

standard edition

hopefully it is just a pre release bug, im on 70% now really hyped for the release

95% … 55.8 GB and counting…

25.5% on the Xbox One. Can’t wait!

How did you get it to start downloading?

You know that there‘s no Cross-Platform pkay possible right now? Sorry to somewhat having to dampen your joy.

It preloads for consoles so you can play at midnight. Got the super deluxe edition so it might be because of that.

How do you know that?