I'm finding I simply don't care...but I want to!

I’ve finished the game as Moze at Mayhem 10. The only thing left to do with this game is play it again with no Mayhem. I enjoyed buffing up my Moze and learning how to one-shot bosses with her but there isn’t anything interesting or useful to farm for now, and all the usual rewards are not exactly rewarding at this point.

It’s hard to put my finger on but this game just doesn’t have the lasting interest of BL1 or BL2. And now that I think about it, I think it’s Mayhem and how it makes 99.9 percent of dropped weapons useless. Maybe I’ll play again. No Mayhem.


I miss the raid boss challenges from 2. Its what kept the community together after end game. God i miss Pyro Pete lol. Not to mention digistruct peak helped to a degree. Maybe down the road we’ll get raid bosses, the game is just a year old.


lol… hope springs eternal!

I feel you. I really…REALLY want to enjoy this game. But between bugs and constant crashing (the only game I own on PS4 that crashes just by me going into my damn menu), the lack of balance and TVHM being redundant - I keep asking myself what I can even do anymore.

Right now I’m finishing off my other characters to lvl 65. And I love my boy Zane but the other 3 hunters? Their power is just ridiculous. On two of them, I don’t even have to shoot.

I bought the $90 deluxe edition and the fact that there will be more content added that I have to additionally pay for kind of sucks. I’m happy to pay for more content but the content I paid every extra for didn’t feel worth it.

The first two DLCs were alright. Fourth was better. But for a game with millions of guns, why do I feel like I’m stuck using the same 7 or so.

Hopefully they patch things. But a year on with constant crashes on console and unable to play split screen with my husband from lag? I’m kinda not holding my breath :frowning:


lol…Exactly! And hopefully, the split screen fix comes.


All we can do is hope but ill be here being this series is my fav. 2 days ago my xbox crashed so i feel you on that and on everything else really. Im leveling a new Zane right now, going to have 2 separate builds depending on my mood. Ill do a Fl4k the same way so ill have time to kill till things get better. Hang in there!


It’s mayhem scaling, poor gear balance and annointments made a recipe for horrible rng. 1billion guns but only 10 you want and only if they have the right annointment… Even the great guns are iffy if you don’t have the right annointment.

You aren’t excited for a legendary drop … If it doesn’t have the annointment you need it might as well be a white
Here is my rant on the topic
The looting/gear issue that kills longevity of the game


it’s too bad the DLC’s didn’t come with slaughter shafts and 1 raid boss each


Honestly, the fast travel from anywhere system kinda kills the game in a way.
In the past games you were forced to run thru the map until the next fast travel station, in this one you can just insta tele anywhere you want to go. While this expedites the farming process, it also takes you out of the game more, you know what I’m saying?
It feels more of a chore list to do farm runs rather than a fun journey to be immersed in.


I prefer having the option to fast travel and the option should remain imo. Half the time in BL2 I would save and quit to get back to the fast travel.

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Perhaps Mayhem levels should have been locked behind challenge maps/content so we had to unlock them, a là bl2 digistruct peak. Have Mayhem 1 unlock after completing the campaign then make us work to unlock each subsequent Mayhem level.

That would have provided more end game challenge instead of allowing us to skip straight to Mayhem 10.


Whilst I appreciate them reworking the game after the largely negative response to M2.0, and addressing long standing issues (like action skill damage), I don’t think they got the balance right. Not gonna pretend to know exactly how things should have scaled, but as is, M10 is too easy for what’s the supposed to be the highest end game difficulty.

I don’t envy the devs’ jobs. There were always going to be complaints. You can never make everyone happy, but again, I think even with that in mind they missed the mark.

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I’ve been trying to quantify this for months.
I play BL1 and 2 all the time, I really like replaying them , it’s still a challenge and fun to beat my own expectations again and again.

BL3, I just don’t feel like it. I go back when a new DLC drops, but I don’t have the desire to create a new character and play through again. I’ve done it with 10 characters and that’s enough, vs. 158 characters and counting in BL2 . I’ve already one-life’d the game, and that was easy. I can already do most stuff (except the guardian TD cuz of the jumping) at M-10, so there’s no challenge.

ANd I think that’s it right there. Challenge. The guns in BL3 a so danged good that it takes away my desire to replay. With my Light Show and O.P.Q. and Transformer I just don’t die. In the previous 2 no matter how well equipped I was I still get killed and still take some brainpower, vs. simply mashing a button, to survive. And before someone says it, yes, I could choose to not use the best gear I can find, but my brain doesn’t work that way, if the game gives me power-gun XXXX, I’m going to use it.

If they keep giving/selling new DLC I’l be there moment one for each. But straight re-playability just isn’t there for me.

And to be really clear, it ain’t cuz I’m some expert player. I’m a middling’ good old man player, it’s just that BL3 is, um, easier than previous ones.


Mayhem 2.0 destroyed the game, the first mayhem was quite a good addon.
They had years to balance the game for mayhem 1.0, and just a couple of months for mayhem 2.0, the end result is this mess.
In mayhem 1.0 almost all legendaries were useful to m4, and a lot of non-legendary could be used to play up to m3 and some to even m4, the drop rate was way lower (because you didn’t absolutely needed them).
The game was in a good place, M3 to use all guns and M4 to test the OP builds (it was quite hard to play on M4 all the time, sometimes even impossible, people would usually do a boss killer build to farm for guns on M4)


The good guns are extremely good, and the “not-good” are way too bad, and those terrible balancing is not only with gear, for example Zane and Amara are immortals as long as they have ammo, one hit at any enemy will life steal them to full health, and if you don’t use life recover the game doesn’t get hard, but impossible.

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Yeah. Here’s how I play nowadays:

I just play on M1. (I’d play non-mayhem, but some of my characters suffer from this annoying bug. )

All gear is viable at that level. I mean, I’m playing a little catch-up with Amara right now (usually I play Moze or FL4K) and right now her main shotty is an unanointed Trevonator. It kills stuff and I have no complaints. Yeah I’m missing out on a small handful of meta guns that can only be had at M6+ but I have a billion other legendaries I can use instead that are actually viable at M1. (Now that’s diversity.)

Plus at M1, the super annoying bug where enemy’s guns are dealing mayhem-level damage is minimized and my shields can actually hold up.

I don’t bother farming for anointments anymore. I think I’m pretty much done with that aggravation. And they’re not really needed at that level anyway, the plain gear itself gets it done. If I happen to get a cool anointment, yay cool beans. But I’m not gonna beat myself up trying to farm for them anymore.

Yeah enemies die fast at M1… it feels kinda like BL1’s endgame when you have a good loadout: mobs just melt before you. I’d up the mayhem level just to add some more HP to enemies, but I don’t want more modifier crud to deal with, and that aforementioned enemy gun mayhem damage obnoxious thing starts coming into play (please address that, Gearbox.)

That said… I’m still having fun. The game is certainly not super difficult in this compromise I’ve devised for myself, but it’s still fun for me.


BL3 is a blast everytime I play it and I miss the changes when I play BL2 again. Gameplay wise it is the best Borderlands in the series, as it should be.

The main problem now is balance, as Gearbox seems to not be able to find a middle ground between useless and overpowered. But lets see what happens, there is a 4th skill tree coming and new DLC content to be revealed.
I still hope to see Axton and Salvador, maybe Athena.

I think Mayhem just turns their work harder as it is not only scaling like OP levels but modifiers that affects gameplay. Also, choosing to not scale shield and enemy damage ends up turning the game easier in the end when you add It to the crazy good guns we have. You Just need to hold the trigger a little more as you are not sustaining more damage in the end.

While I gripe a lot about this game I can agree with this up until the last two sentences. There is a fine line between making enemies tanky and making them bullet sponges. Sure top gear and cheese builds rip through mobs and make bosses only annoying any deviation from the prescribed formula creates a slog. Yes the higher the difficulty is raised the fewer high efficiency options there are going to be. However, the scaling is at the point of if I don’t have a lightshow, flipper, plaguebearer/backburner, and monarch with one of 3 anointments and the Pearl then don’t bother unless you are at the top of the skill bracket or want to beat your head against the wall.

As for shields I would argue they do need a buff. It seems like the argument goes mob x deals 100 damage at level 65 and 100 damage at mayhem 10 level 65 therefore no change is needed. While accurate, this does not look at the next level of indirect damage buffs. Consider Axton and the Metal Storm skill in BL2. There was a noticeable difference between his damage output while Metal Storm was active versus when it wasn’t. Did Metal Storm increase the damage of the gun? No but by increasing fire rate and controlling recoil it allowed more shots to be more precisely placed within the same time period resulting in an indirect buff. In this case the enemies are getting the indirect buff by being tankier therefore staying alive longer enabling them to get more shots off indirectly upping the damage potential. And let’s face it while the AI even mediocre accuracy is more dangerous when there are 20 shots instead of 2 coming at you.



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