I'm getting to many extra loot buds

Basically now whenever I do a main story mission I get like 2-3 Extra Loot Guys per mission. Also by
Extra Loot Guys I mean like Loot Tinks among other ones. I’m currently at the part where I give the first vault fragment from Eden-6 to Tannis. This is also my first playthrough. I’m mostly worried that one of the two guys that joined my game somehow bugged/modded it. P.S after I met Brick I got like 8 Loot Tinks before the end of the mission lol.

Special event not bugged. Ends thusday

Even with 8 loot tinks spawning?

Yeah, it’s a real thing right now lol

Yep, they’re spawning like crazy right now. :smiley: Enjoy all this extra loot on your first playthrough hehe.

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My bad lol, just got into the series.

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All good, this is the perfect site for someone new!

I have a low level Zane I been saving for the MMM week, but finishing off a playthrough with Amara earlier is really tempting me lol