I'm gutted right now

Was really looking forward to the boss loot event so I could get some God roll items, then 2020 decided to kick me in the ass.

I live in cedar rapids Iowa, been without power since last Monday about 12:30. I know I shouldn’t whine,I finally got all the debris cleared away from my house, and there are a lot worse off than me right now, but I still want to vent a little.


At least you don’t have covid. :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure I did have it. I’m a field tech who works with the DOT in my state and I had a refresh going from the middle of March to the end of Feb. I was in every single drivers license station in the state. I did get sick but it was more skiing the lines of a moderate chest cold. Can’t be sure but it wouldn’t surprise me.

The people I know who’ve had have all been one of two categories: really bad flu feeling like death for several days/weeks; or in the ICU on a ventilator. Doesn’t mean you didn’t have it, as some folks have been recorded as highly asymptomatic. But it’s more likely just what it seemed like.

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Wife’s cousin and aunt both got it at the same time, put her cousin in ICU and aunt worked from home through it. The variance in symptoms is mesmerizing


Sorry to hear you are without power. Good thing you were not hurt. When do you expect to get your power back on?

Get tested for antibodies. PCR will yeld negative results, as you are unlikely to have the virus on you right now.
That is if you really wanna know if you had it.

Doesn’t help that you can get corona more than once.

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Not everyone who gets covid produces ANY antibodies, so no immunity and negative tests, even if you have it. And even if they do produce antibodies, that usually doesn’t give significant resistance, let alone immunity. Pretty scary.

I lost a customer who lived here but worked for Halo Flight in Houston TX. He contracted it last month and died within a few days. Dude was only 43,… not only that it was his “weekend off”, came home before knowing he had it, gave it to his mom, grandmother, and sister who all passed away shortly as well. It is crazy how differently it affects people.

I haven’t seen my family since all this started because I had never stopped working and consistently meet new people everyday still and don’t want to run the risk.

My parent’s and sister are along the lines of this is all just “fake”. I had to remind her the time I was on a ventilator in ICU back in 2002 from a virus. I was quarantined because they thought I had West Nile. They never figured it out. Not fun, but it made sure I was super cautious now.


Hopefully tomorrow night. I’m not holding my breath though.

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@justinmalin77. Are you on Xbox? What sort of God roll gear are you looking for?

So I finally got power back, but it’s going to be a few days for my internet provider to make it out to repair the lines going to my house.

I’m on pc

If you play on pc, then you can download other people save file. Joltzdude share a lot of his save file.

+I believe borderlands have a program to generate specific items. I believe i would use this one to get an excelent ogre (my fav gun).

Thanks for the heads up. I always forget about that.

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