I'm happy with Borderlands 3 current position

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about Borderlands 3 and compare it to Borderlands 2 and say that it is worse. At the moment Borderlands 2 is better but that’s after 7 years of development. For Borderlands 3 being released 4 months ago today, I would say it has made nice progress and could easily go on to be better than Borderlands 2. As soon as they add more dlc, fix drop rates, and add some raid bosses the game will instantly pickup with it’s playability and replayability.


I agree, there is definitely potential for BL3 to be better than BL2…if GB would actually start doing anything. Since after the holidays they have basically done and said nothing…

They haven’t had a new event since Halloween but at least they are lowering the difficulty of the blacksite for a week. I guess that kind of counts as an event but I hope we get something better soon.

I also hope we get like actual game changes soon, things like skill changes for characters and not pointless af hotfixes like on the 9th, absolute waste of effort that was on GB’s part. Like just put that sh*t in an actual patch, stop with this bandaid crap and actually make noticeable changes ffs

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As far as I’m concerned, it’s already better than BL2 comparing the base games. Leveling up all the characters hasn’t been nearly as miserable a process. And despite how meager I’ve found the drop rate in BL3, it’s still been better for me than BL2 ever was.

Now all we need is a DLC as good as the Tiny Tina DLC.


I would love to have a Krieg DLC.


I agree!! Still playing full time since Nov29th. I’m ill somebody STOP ME!!

It is the coming year, ye doubt this as the year of the Borderlands but it will be a ripper. Carry on [ T]/


The main aspects I want GBX to focus on are all quality of life or bug related. The studio very often on there games shirks a large number of bugs or issues for months on end. This inevitable causes there game to suffer during post launch support. Borderlands 1 and 2 being exceptions not the rule.

The game is still however quite enjoyable and many of its bugs start to show up when one tries to look deeper at skills and how they are actually supposed to function. Doing a leveling playthough is perfectly enjoyable and normally won’t cause you much of any grief.

The game dose however lack a good amount of polish. For a triple a big budget game launched in late 2019 is false in many ways to meet the standards and presidents set by the industry over the past 4 years. Over the next year we will see if this game gets the kind of attention and commitment GBX attests to. Or we will see the game slowly fade in to obscurity much like many of GBXs other titles.

PS if you like or enjoy this or any other GBX game don’t let me or anyone else take that away from you. I’m a Battleborn player though and though. We all enjoy what we enjoy. But it dose help to inject a bit of objectivity in to ones view point now and then :slight_smile:


Aside from bugs, glitches, and performance issues being slowly ironed out the main thing IMO BL3 is suffering from is the same problem Destiny 2 had when it launched. People are comparing the final version of the previous title to the launch version of the current while looking back at the previous title through nostalgia goggles while expecting the new title to launch with more zones, raids, etc than the previous title did after all its DLC was added.


I love how this went from a “happy post”, to an “I hate this game here’s why” post in 2 comments lol!

Except, everyone is still going to play it lol


You would think after 7 years of seeing what works and what doesn’t they would know what to bring with them for Borderlands 3.

That’s why we launched with a Raid Boss, Vermivorous, Digistruct Peak, Dedicated drops, Pearlescents/Evervescents, etc

Oh wait.

I honestly really enjoy the base game and the mechanics feel damn good, but I really want end game to be a much more fleshed out experience. I mean I already have 100 hours in it so I guess I’ve got my money’s worth but I’d love to see this become a game I put 1000 hours into. Personally, adding activities other than the circle of slaughter and trials as repeatable activities for farming would rock, anything to keep the feeling of progression fresh and fun.


Go for walk on Eden, never know what you might find. Casual stroll is an activity. Also, fighting in an “arena” is different to fighting across landscape…

There’s planets out there.


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I disagree. There’s usability bugs, and then there’s game stopping bugs. Game stopping bugs should never make it to market, let alone still be here four months later. There’s also the dreadful Haunted mission. I can’t for the life of me wonder who that that was a good idea.

It was a very ambitious game with incredible worlds and lots of proving grounds and slauhtershafts. They aimed high in ambition, but fell short in quality. The Casino DLC is a better story. But really, too little, too late.

I enjoy the game, and still play it. But it’s the last GBX game I’ll buy new, if at all.

I’m having fun in BL3.

BL3 seems easier than any of the BL games before, but maybe I am just getting used to how to do things … BL2 GoTY was my wide-eyed intro to the series. I thought (still think) BL2 is the toughest of the 4 games in the series.

The BL3 drop rates also seem much more generous than BL2. BL3 has some very farmable and easy to get to mini-bosses, like Crushjaw who is set up in a perfect location to get a few levels and/or loot prior to the last couple of big fights.

A few bugs/issue, for sure, but they don’t seem worse then other similar games.

I certainly hope they manage to keep enough interest in the game, to keep it going like BL2 … but that is probably a pipe dream for any company. 1/2 way between the success of BL2 and TPS would be a good enough … I think.

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bl2 has better likeable vault hunters, bl3 not.

Been enjoying BL3 quite a bit. Well tuned gun play, great weapon variety, fun boss fights, interesting environments to run around in, free events, and a fun dlc that really hit all the right notes. Character issues and bugs are getting ironed out, so been enjoying playing around in the skill trees. Only real issue has been the main story. It overall worked, but had some serious stumbling blocks that had me wishing there were ways to avoid sections of the game.