I'm having a problem with Guns. love. and tentacles. Iron Bear fall's through the floor

I’m at the Library level and when I have Moze activate Iron Bear. Iron Bear fall’s through the floor and I have to shoot enemies from the floor. When Moze leaves Iron Bear she is on the floor normally. Is anyone else having this problem. I’m playing on PS4.

P.S. It’s the whole level.

Found out this is an April fools joke from Gear Box. Shrinking our Action skills. Time to avoid Borderlands 3 till it stops. Just like Halloween Havoc and the flying ghost skulls. Thanks for making me not play your game again, Gear Box.

For God’s sake, it was a joke. Lighten up Ffs, in a world of uncertainty this made me laugh.

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It was funny but it was really bad for an iron bear built Moze. The tiny mech would be pushed back from its own rocket shots and explosions would cause you to go launching into the air. The physics were all out of whack and made it difficult to play from inside the mech.

I may play the game with it. But I’m not going to be playing the new DLC an till these shrunk action skills go away. When you have swarms of squid enemies coming at you with squid wizards who turn dead squid enemies in to suicide bombers and give squid enemies two health bars and/or an armor bar. While your being attacked from the sky by those squid wizards who are hard to hit because they keep moving and being attacked by acid shooting squid balloon creatures that are also hard to hit because they keep moving. And they keep you going in to fight for your life. The AI squid enemies are smarter then your normal enemies and they do a lot of dodging. It’s not fun doing less damage and taking more damage.

It’s already finished you boring person. Bore off.

Why are you responding if your just going to throw out insults? And why do you even care what I do? Troll off.

So far the event ended and lasted a day since yesterday. Heard lots of bug issues coming from it but it definitely ended.

Should able to enjoy the game without “events” getting in the way for now. Hope you can enjoy the game

Well it was kinda common knowledge pretty quick. Granted it took me a bit of searching to find something not related to giving IB buffs. It was a 1 day thing. You may have noticed the April 1 hotfix tab in game. HOWEVER there was a really huge gameplay difference, IB was lightning quick. Testing if there was an armor difference now.

Thanks, it’s nice to know.

didn’t affect me but i do have to agree with the OP here…

sure these things are funny and fun… but when it brakes the game it’s not realy that funny…

blizzard had the best april fools patch -> googly eyes… didn’t brake nothing and looked damn funny the whole time.

Best? I mean what were the other entries? I need some options here.

I only troll because you can’t take 24 simple hours of fun. In a world where we are fearing for our lives, this brought a smile to my face for 24 hours and your distain for it is insulting.

It didn’t break the game. I was playing moze and it was hilarious. Moze doesnt even need iron beer anyway, she’s more powerful out of it.

Depends on the build and the person playing it doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter now does it, its over.

Not everyone has the free time to play video games all day long. Some people have jobs that aren’t closing like Walmart, Fry’s, and Safeway. When you work 40 hours for Walmart let’s see how you like going to work with this stupid virus being spared by morons who don’t know how to stay home. Then let’s see how your audited is.

I never said that I couldn’t get use to it. When I made this post I thought there was something wrong with the game (just look at the title of this post). I also did not play the game yesterday. So I didn’t now about the April fools thing an till this morning when I got on the forum for the first time. And Halloween Havoc lasted for over about a month. I didn’t want something that was going to last that long.

So by the time I got to realizing what it was, now it’s gone. Also what works for you, doesn’t work for everyone else, or doesn’t work for everyone at the time they find out about it. A specially when you enter a new area when you find out about it, on the day it disappears.

It’s funny :rofl:

Post is redundant now. Give it up.