I'm having problems logging in to Shift

I wrote my email to have the Shift account, but I think I made a mistake when I wrote it and now I do not receive any code.
Nor does it allow me to send another email to send me a new code, just ask me for the one that has already been sent to me supposedly.

Can you log in to your SHiFT account here: shift.gearboxsoftware.com ?
And if so, under “Gaming Platforms” is it showing that your SHiFT account is linked to your XBox Live account?

If you did indeed enter the incorrect email address when you attempted to link your account, you will need to contact support directly for help with this:


(And moved this to the XB1 tech support section.)

I see the link and my account is not linked to any gaming platform.
I already sent an email a few hours ago, only one answer is missing

I’m assuming you’re posting in the HC:XB1 section because you’re trying to get the Golden Key reward for creating the SHiFT account for Borderlands 2?

You’ll need to have your SHiFT account linked to your XBL account for that to happen. Did you create the account through the website or through the in-game menu? If the former, you should be able to link the account through the page I mentioned.

In terms of response to the support ticket, you should get an automatic reply fairly quickly, and then a personal response within 24 hours - the actual time varies depending on how busy the system is.

Edit: this link describes the process for creating the SHiFT account through the in-game menu - is this what you did?

I created it from the game menu.
Now I entered the link that you gave me and I try to link it, but when I give it a “login”, I upload it again on the same page without letting me link the account

And you never received a confirmation email on the account you thought you’d entered? If that’s the case, you’ll need support’s help to fix your account before it can be properly linked.