I'm having problems with the krieg dlc

HELLO, I need help

I downloaded borderlands 2 through xbox gold and bought krieg’s dlc, i played normally with it but there was a day when i was on another dlc (that a friend shared cmg) and disconnected from the game, when i went to play dnv with krieg i I needed to have that dlc (which my friend shared but dps he stopped) to be able to play with him dnv, what do I do? I wanted to start that class again with my girlfriend

If you bought Krieg as a downloadable character while signed in to your own XBL account, you should still have access to it. It sounds more like you have an issue only with a specific save file because that save contains some DLC content you no longer have (which you could resolve by purchasing that DLC too.)

You should still be able to start a new Krieg from scratch though: either choose New Game from the main menu, or hit Character Select (Y button) and choose Psycho from the list.

Moving this to XBox tech support since this is really a support issue.

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It doesn’t even appear to choose the krieg in the character menu, I’ve moved the save of my krieg lvl72 to another usb device and already excludes saving it, what’s left for me to go to support, do you know how I can report this problem to them please?

There’s a link to the 2K support form in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

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