I'm having trouble please help

Hi, my main PlayStation 3 account has been permanently banned. I have made a new account but I can’t find a way to access my old borderlands 2 profile. I’ve never cross saved and I tried copying the save to my new account through the saved data utility option, I get an alert about being unable to use another users save data. Is there anything I can do or do I just have to tough it up and start from scratch?

There are things you can possibly do, but as they fall under the umbrella of modding, it can not be discussed here.

Your partially lucky- Sony will not only ban accounts but consoles as well. Way beyond my ability to offer any legit advice except to say that perhaps when you start all over again that you not do whatever it was that got you banned?

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Echoing the other responses, there is no legitimate way of recovering your old saves without violating Sony’s terms of use. Since you’ve already had one account banned, you don’t want to risk a second run-in, so I’d recommend just starting over.

The one positive about this is that it’s actually a lot of fun to start over completely from scratch.

Thank you everyone for the help. And for those who are wondering why I was banned it’s because I was unable to pay for a PlayStation plus subscription when it was time to at least twice. Next thing I know the account I’ve been using for 6 years no longer working. It sucks but I got over it.

That seems odd, to say the least. On XBox, you can let your gold subscription lapse and renew it without issue at all.

It does have me wondering if your account was hijacked. If there was a Sony-decided penalty for not renewing in time, you should have received some kind of contact about it. Does PSN have two-factor authentication, and was it enabled for your account? Have you talked to Sony about this at all?

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Not sure how I would do that

If the issue is simply that you can’t sign in to your old account, and you never got an email or message telling you that your account had been banned, then there should be an option somewhere either within the general settings on your PS3/4 or on the PSN web site to recover your account. There should also be a support number/email/chat/thing.

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