Im here to help BL2 powerlevel or whatever else you need

I’m up for helping anyone level up or get thru uvh or with anything really. Power level runs, dlc, op levels, loot hunting. I got you. I’m super nice, laid back and very patient. You gotta be the same and don’t be demanding :blush: We could even put on matching Mysterious Amulets and SPARKLE
Add me psn: Magicdykelicious

Mechro- op2
Gunzerzer- op8

Hello and thank you! Will add you :wink:

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Nothing like a cloud of hearts around my feet while I’m getting my murder on! My PS3 is doing some stuff on auto but I’ll be on my PS4 later. If you like you can add me & hopefully we can make some runs together, always up for new co-op goodness. Especially if it sparkles! PSN: UNLO4D3D247

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Hey, I’ll also add my help for anything as well. I’ve been helping powerlevel people recently, so feel free to add me as well in the event that op isn’t online. Not many people out there that are helping from what I’ve seen, so I’m trying to get out there and help as much as possible.

PSN: Etsaal1988

Gunzerker - op8
Siren - op8