I'm Hurting music thread

I find things easier with music.
What do you listen to when you’re hurting?

Either nothing, or the heaviest thing I can find. Whichever kills the pain efficiently.

Something from the early portion of a former cassette mix tape back in the day for just this sort of thing:

Shocking no one.

Equally depresses me and brings me up.

Nothing else can cheer me up like the MISFITS can.

Obviously, bluegrass is my go to when im sad. HORRRAAAY SOUTHERN DEPRESSION.

It REALLY depends on WHY I’m hurting. But in general, I’ll crank some 5FDP (the way of the fist), some Shinedown, or just whatever hits my mood.

If it’s like some emotional pain, I’ll put on some light slipknot, like til we die, killpop, snuff or vermilion bloodstone remix. Or goodbye. If it’s something that I’m pissed about I’ll put on some slayer or heavy slipknot

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That song is very personal for me.

@Kitty_Jo, @Psychichazard, @Giuvito
Can we get a music subforum?


Your wish is our command, @Poisonedbite.

Or well, more Joes command. But its happening! He will be setting up the music sub-cat on Monday.


Shibby. We’ve got quite a few of them floating around.

Sweet a music sub forum. :slight_smile:

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