I'm in love with the Quality of Life changes in Borderlands 3

So many good changes:

  1. Shooting water with elemental weapons creates an area of effect that damages enemies that are standing in the water. Be careful though, you can damage yourself as well.

  2. You can fast travel to any fast travel point in the game from anywhere. Not just your current map either, you can fast travel between maps from anywhere. You can also fast travel to your own vehicle.

  3. You now respawn at the most recently activated save point. Since most bosses have a save nearby, you can farm bosses very easily now, by simply restarting the game if you don’t get the drop you want.

  4. Side missions now have multiple pick-up locations, so that you don’t have to run across a whole map to get a side mission.

  5. You can navigate all menus with WASD on PC.

  6. The mailing system is much better. The other player no longer needs to be online for you to send them something, they have 7 days to get it or else it transfers back to you.

  7. You can see your friends skill loadouts and gear from the roster menu. You can also set what type of content you are currently doing (main missions, side missions, proving grounds, etc.) so that your friends can see what you are doing if they want to join you.

  8. You can use matchmaking for campaign, Circles of Slaughter, and Proving Grounds individually.

Those are the changes in the video. Those are in addition to the QoL improvements we already knew about such as the mantle system, sliding, instant grenade detonation, the ability to kick barrels at enemies, instanced loot mode, difficulty slider, and level normalizing. I’m so happy to see so many of my issues with the earlier games rectified this time around!

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+10 for these improvements. I’m glad that you’ll be able to go to any fast travel point, even on a different planet, without having to go back to your ship (or so it sounds).

Hmm, actually, rewatching the video, he only says that you can fast travel between maps on your current planet (he’s still on Pandora in the gameplay and hasn’t unlocked Promethea yet). So maybe we will be able to fast travel between planets, and maybe we will have to fast travel back to Sanctuary 3 first and then hyperspace to the other planet, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

FYI its not just shooting water with an element. Shooting water with a shock weapon electrifies the water for a short period of time. There are oil spots that can be ignited with a fire element weapon, etc. The environment itself is more interactive. They’ve even shown cover taking damage and falling apart due to being shot.

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Excited for the enhanced gore, too. I saw a streamer shoot an already dead bandit and its head exploded.

“Borderlands 3 lets you teleport from anywhere to any previously discovered Fast Travel station or even your most recently used vehicle, all via the map in your ECHO device. That includes Fast Travel stations on other planets, too; once you’ve discovered a station anywhere in the galaxy, you can travel there instantly without needing to warp back to Sanctuary III first.”

Sauce: Borderlands 3 Basics: 9 Tips To Get You Started

Enhanced gore?

Wouldn’t that be under “quality of death” improvements?



Nah quality of life improvements. They have to hire more people to clean the maps afterwards when we aren’t there anymore.

Speaking of the enhanced gore, I’m a father of a couple of young ones. If me and the wife are playing and they walk in, is there a method of toning it down some for just in case measures. If it was mentioned already, I might have missed it.

Pretty sure you can disable the gore in the options.

Good to know. Thanks.

fingers crossed, right!
I’m in desperate need for a good video game, everything out there right now simply sux!