I'm in need of a bekah

Don’t really care what parts it has. My mail glitched and lost it. I want one of every gun but the bekah cannot be obtained through any form except mail.

the only other way is to reset and do missions for hammy guy again ? though I got a bekah yeah but my wants are quite hard to find I think

As far as I know, you can get a sigle Bekah by completing all of Hammerlock’s legendary hunts. If you already have done it and for some reason got rid of the weapon, only way to get it again is to make another character

I was in the same situation… Accidently declined mine. Thx to some generous forum members I now have an extra. It is yours if you want it.
PSN : PIKE2564

Thank you pike. I sent a friend request to ya. Sorry it’s in the middle of the night I wanted to get in some last minute class mod grinding

No prob. Will get it to ya today.

You are awesome thank you very much. If there is something you are looking for let me know