I'm leaving for now

I guess this is the usual I’m leaving post…I really like this game and I chose to buy this over Overwatch but this game’s issues are too frustrating for me. I know that Battleborn and Overwatch are very different, however I like both genres of games so to me it was one or the other to spend my time on as both are team multiplayer online games.

  1. Matchmaking taking over 15 minutes sometimes - When I get home from work I usually play a few games of LoL, however with this game and its matchmaking I can barely even play one game. Time is very valuable to me and I like to make the most of it. With Battleborn’s queue times I am stuck hoping that I will find a match before a certain time in the night.

  2. FPS problems - I have a Nvidia GTX960m. I know this isn’t the best graphics card but I should at least be able to choose the lowest settings for everything and get solid fps…Also, the map “Coldsnap” always has very poor fps for me so whenever that map is chosen I don’t even feel like playing and it affects my team as I get tilted easier and I give up much easier. Playing with 15-20 fps is not fun in this game.

  3. Overwatch - Even if you guys wanna bash Overwatch and say it sucks etc. To me its just as fun as Battleborn so that’s what I’m going to switch to. I get solid fps on medium-high settings in Overwatch and there is significantly better queue times.

  4. Minor point - People need to understand this is not team deathmatch and every mode has an objectvie. (This point is minor as I know as time goes on more people will understand the objectives of the various game modes)

Anyway…It was fun…Bye for now all until the issues are fixed.

I have never understood the purpose of these type of posts


The purpose of these types of post is to hope that someone who can fix these issues in the game sees it. So that when it is better I will come back.
I know that I am not the only one experiencing these issues so I hope that the developers fix it. I really do like this game and I do not want to see it fail. Therefore if I have a criticism with respect to the game I will try to let it be known so that it can be fixed.

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Oh OK I see, but you didn’t say that in your post at all or did I miss it. I hope you do have fun with overwatch as it looks to be a fun game.

I have a GTX960 and I run fine at max settings…not sure what your issue is. You got an AMD?

People not playing the map right isn’t GBX’s fault. I assure you there will be even more dinguses in OW that don’t pay attention to the objective on payload escort. OW just happens to be more TDM mentality oriented when it’s just take and hold points.

MM is weird, I never have longer than 3-4 minutes queue time, usually less than a minute honestly. I think this is greatly influenced by what timezone/region you’re in.

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Who said we want to bash overwatch… It’s not even the same kind of game.
Really people who compare these game annoy me, one is a borderland moba the other is a TF3


Cue the violin music!

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I totally agree. The style and artwork may be similar, but Overwatch is providing a completely different experience. I really felt like Battleborn was going to provide a more complex game, with more focus on strategy and less focus on pure FPS skill. So far, I’ve been very happy with the results.

It’s also nice to have local co-op and story missions (even though the splitscreen layout is atrocious) since my wife loves the Borderlands series and this gives us a similar type of game to play together.

While I do agree that you can’t compare these two games whatsoever, the point really boils down to them both competing for sales, because they both came out really close together.

Other than the lack of advertisement, you’ve gotta admit that Gearbox did a silly by wanting to release Battleborn roughly around the same time Overwatch did. Timing is everything, even in the gaming industry.

This plus the fact they’re both FPS, people think they’re 2 shooters game while one is a moba.
People don’t get that battleborn is a moba and not a simple shooter, and that’s why you see so many people rushing to get killed in the enemy’s side of the map while you can win a match with simply killing bots and pushing.

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Well actually it was Blizzard forcing their OW-Beta to be aired earlier, so it happened same time as BB´s release.
BB´s first scheduled release was in early Feruary, but after the CTT there was still to much to fix. So GBX moved the date to May, giving their team more time to work on flaws.

Its a bit strange to think GBX, a little company, really wants to put on a competition with the biggest shark in the pond. Not even SquareEnix or Capcom try to compede with Blizz, why should GBX?
Blizzard though even bought Google-ads to advertise their game. (so when you search Battleborn, top link is Overwatch. What a coincidence…)

Also most competition-talk comes from Blizzard-fans, they roam these forums since the Open Beta to force up the thought of “competition between OW & BB”.

So, no I dont think GBX pushed any competition. This is made up mostly by Blizz-fans and the usual capitalistic madness nowerdays.

I can only wish OW-gamers the same fun I have with BB :heart:


You leaving isn’t going to help that.

Annoying, the same issue is with Overwatch as well. People treat both games as TDM.

this… is your first post?


Being fair I don’t see much hate for overwatch at all, just for its fans that bash battleborn for no reason.


Exactly, I don’t hate the game, I rather hate the fan (and a bit blizzard but whatever)

It will help him though. He’s looking to spend his time playing a game, not waiting to play a game.

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Yes it’s sort of my first post. I rarely post on game forums but I felt the need to post here as I like this game and I felt the need to express my views.

Seriously… can’t I see a thread at all without trying to match/compare Battleborn and Overwatch? I’m really getting tired of this.

The only similarity is they are hero shooters that is it!

You wanna leave, just leave and comment about Battleborn. Overwatch this and Overwatch that. I’m not BB Fanboy but these are two different games with A LOT of difference. GEEZ! Not bashing Overwatch, it’s a great no build fast paced game.

I do feel sorry about the matchmaking part. Seems like PC players have major issues with it… Consoles however are not affected as much. Have fun in Overwatch

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I’ve said this plenty of times…

Everyone has their priorities. If your priorities don’t align with Battleborn, so you’re not getting what you want out of it, then absolutely play something else. Don’t feel guilty about it, don’t look back. Forcing yourself to play something because you’ve some arbitrary reason for doing so will only make you miserable if you’re not having fun.

No one can tell you what you do or don’t find fun, right? Everyone has different priorities.

For me? I have different priorities. So I’m not just in it for the gameplay alone, I’m invested in this world and its characters. I’m a part of their story and that actually means something to me. On the other hand, I’ve no interest in Overwatch. I’ve actually read threads upon threads where its players have tried to figure out what relevance (at all) the world or story crafted for it have to the game itself. And no one seems to know.

I find Overwatch a generic affair. And not just that, but I think it’s a little bit unethical on a number of counts.

Their marketing seems to have turned people into frothing cultists. I remember when the Steam Battleborn forums were flooded by people attacking and bullying fans, trying to undermine them and outright trying to convert them. That, right there, is skeevy. I don’t want to be a part of that scene for that reason, I’d feel like I was joining a cult. I don’t like it when people act like that. It’s toxic, unnecessary, and… it doesn’t show a whole lot of individual thinking.

I like to decide things for myself, as I think everyone should. You know? So Overwatch’s community being so toxic and such a hivemind would actually be suffocating for me. In this community I’ve been welcomed despite all my eccentricities, and that’s awesome, but that’s really teh kind of people who’re attracted to this game. Just look at all the diverse, weird characters Battleborn has.

Which brings me to the other reason I’m not interested. I feel a bit uninspired by Overwatch’s characters. Now, if you’ll note, I haven’t said that they’re uninspired but rather that they’ve done nothing to really excite me. They’re all just sort of there. I think mostly they’re just archetypes like the characters in Street Fighter, not meant to be fleshed out. Which is fine, but not something I’d personally show interest in.

I’m genuinely invested in Battleborn’s roster though as they all have their destinies, dreams, aspirations, and callings. I’m also pleased by how genuinely diverse they are, providing escapist fantasies to groups who usually don’t get much in the way of attention. Shayne & Aurox is one of my favourite examples, aimed at young girls on Tumblr who’re into paranormal escapism (it’s handled in such a self aware way, too). And Reyna’s a body positive momma bear who’s just so confident she reminds me of both Whoopi Goldbert and Roseanne. I love her for that.

That’s the thing.

Whereas, to my mind, Overwatch can be very unethical and body negative. Whereas Battleborn empowers by providing real women who aren’t all sexed up, Overwatch does the opposite and undermines them. It’s a game that could easily do much to continue to hurt the confidence and self-image of young women if they happen to end up playing it. And these kinds of negative tropes have been with women since the very dawn of media.

I’m proud of Battleborn for not going there and having women that are just so positive, powerful, reinforcing, and charismatic. I’ve spoken with my partner about this. She’s chubby and she’s tired of dealing with body negative people, she’s had a lot of that kind of thing ingrained and it’s really hurt her. And she (understandably) really doesn’t like the Overwatch cast, either. But she loves playing Reyna.

My priorities are in line with these things. That Battleborn – to me – has the better world, story, and characters. It’s also free of things that are hurtful and damaging to my partner. As such, I am more than happy to stick with Battleborn regardless of whatever perceived issues there might be.

My point is? Everyone is going to have different reasons, and those reasons will always bee their priorities and their prerogative. If Overwatch is more suited to you then you go and play that and more power to you. No two people are the same, after all, everyone’s going to have different priorities.

So don’t feel the need to justify it or even say goodbye. If you’ve considered your priorities and made your choice, there’s little else to say.

I wish you luck wherever you go.