I'm level 70 - why are 90% of the items on vending machines lvl 68

And why does iwijara’s loot like 50% lvl 68 items this is beyond frustrating

“Because f*ck you.” - Random Number Generator

That’s pretty much all it is. RNG is just being a bully to you. :confused:

why doesn’t the game recognize someone is at level cap and scale the loot to that level like it does the mobs?

I don’t know. That’s something only the Devs can explain. It’s been this way since BL1 (abit, worse in BL1). I doubt they’ll change it for BL3…

Because TrollBox

Even when everything has scaled with you, gear can still be 2 levels lower. Has been since the first game.

to make you constantly farm.

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This makes some sense when playing co-op, since you’re not always going to be exactly the same level as your partners, and everyone deserves a shot at loot they can actually use immediately. It’s never made any sense for single-player, though, except for the “one less conditional switch to worry about” sense. Of course, if each player got their own instanced loot it wouldn’t matter… Hopefully that will be a thing in BL3, since there aren’t the same memory limits on on XB1/PS4/PC builds that there are for 360/PS3 ones.

As much as I’d like to see instanced loot, I sincerely doubt GBX would put it in Borderlands. All I ever hear is how much they like loot-sharing aspect, despite the headaches like ninja-looting. They even took out the “(player) has received (gun)” messages that were there in the first game, inexplicably.

honestly im burned out i think im gonna take a break for a long while ive spent 2000 moonstones on grinding legnedaries and haven’t gotten a single one that i wanted, it just kept giving me the zx-1 and the trash iwajara rocket launcher over and over again and the legendaries on the vending machines are all underleveled so are the hails iwijara drops

This whole game is trash tbh

@David_Ayy One mans trash is another mans treasure… :wink:

haha you right, you right