I'm looking for a Sham 85%-94%

Been trying since the game came out with this shield to get it. I just want one that is all I’m asking. Plz.

I have one I can trade but do u have a confer call u can Trade in return?

What level conference call do u need?

And what level is the sham?

Ok I only have a lvl 50 conference call

If you’re looking for a level 50 Sham, I have a spare 85% one.

What do u want for it plz?

You can have it. Are you on-line right now?

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Yup, gt is ApexSavage101

OK, keep an eye out for a message from Alkymist96, and I’ll fire up the XB1 and find that Sham for you.

Ok man thx

Around 50?

Between 48-50 or something

I have a level 50- 94% Sham you can have. GT: barbrouge391

Do you have a 72 sham?

Yes, I have one you can have. What is your GT?