Im looking for kybs worth

im looking for a kybs worth it doesnt have to be special just need one lvl 50
please help a guy out

I can help you out bud. Gt is Ye olde wolf. I won’t be able to send till this evening though. Do you have a element preference?

corrosion would be nice but what ever you have is great also
ill add you
mine GT: DeadpoolTRD
thanks again

I will try to send as soon as I can. I will send you a few and hopefully they will suit your needs

Skavenger, would you happen to have a fire Kyb’s you aren’t in need of?

GT = DC da Harbinger

I’m sure I’ve got something kickin around bud. Just add me and could you send me a msg on Xbox just reminding me what your looking for. I have old man memory and tend to forget.

Will do and thanks!

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I’m not looking for anything from you guys but if you ever come across a shock cutsman with the gamma burst anoint, keep me in mind🤘🏻

Making a note of that for sure!

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i might have that tbh lol

Just sent those kybs over

Got it, can’t wait to test it out, thanks again and will keep you in mind if I come across that cutsman.

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