I'm looking for people to play BB with me

As said in the title, I’m looking for people who want to play BB with me. Name is: AmenaTzaziki. Mind the timezone as I am from germany and might not directly accept or answer you.


Well, i know @codarik is on Battleborn at almost every waking moment, haha. He plays with quite a few people in your timezone.

You can add me as well (my PSN is the exact same as my user name here), but i’m not on as often as i used to be. However, i WOULD be on from around 7:00am-10:00am your time.

@SirWalrusCrow and @Phoenix-2613 are both very nice Europeans who like to help out new players. They would be on when you are and, if they can’t play with you themselves, they may know others who might.

Good luck!


Can do! Despite the release of Destiny 2, I still play Battleborn on a regular basis and I’m usually up for anything. My PSN is the same as my forum name so feel free to shoot me a request anytime.


I would say I’d play with you but I’m just a bad pendles main xP
And a mute one to wake it worse
But as @HandsomeCam said @codarik is on 99.9% of the time (rock <3) and if not @codarik, even if I’m not the largest fan of them, @vagrantsun and and a few other really good players could be contacted if you’re looking for someone