I'm looking for PS4 players

I have realized I cannot play this game solo if I want higher chances of victory.

I was wondering if anyone playing on PS4 would like to team up for some games? I do not play with a microphone but I have good map awareness.

I consider myself a pretty good player, although my performance depends on the character I am playing as ( I like to use nearly all of them, but I am not equally good with all).

I wish you luck, but I think your postings yesterday may have possibly garnered you some negative feelings around here…


Got you moved to the PS4 online section - best of luck.


I wouldn’t mind playing with you. LucastheUniverse is my PSN.

I won’t be on till late tonight though.

Also, I would consider getting a mic. It makes the Battleborn experience 100x more fun :grin:


Nice, I’ll add you! My id is Lun-Sei!

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Theres several of us on discord. Most of us dont get on the forums much though, and i dont personally check to see whos on when im playing (all notifications are off) except when invited via discord

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What is discord?

Ive heard its similar to teamspeak.

its a pc or phone app where you kind of join/subscribe to a server (in this case the ‘battleborn’ server), and theres text and voice chat channels. ((edit: https://discord.gg/battleborn ))

so theres a ps4 matchmaking channel where folks post when they get on, and if anyone else is available, they respond and then people get together.

thats whats relative to this discussion. theres a lot more to it since you can mute channels or servers, and theres pings and the like. and theres discussion in other text channels. so kind of like a real time forum/chat in that way.
we have a battleschool to answer questions, ama’s and visits from the devs, general chats…its just like a community of sorts, i suppose, but not locked to a platform.

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I didn’t know about this! Awesome thank you!

My PSN is Phoenix-2613.

I will play on one condition and one condition only:
That you don’t judge a character and label them as OP after only playing one game with them…



I have played with Phoenix-2613 and his crew and we won all matches!

Admit it, I am pretty good for someone new to this game. XP

*her crew.


Whatever, I don’t play with a mic so I couldn’t tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, you play on psn too…

Hehe. Thanks. :smile_cat: