Im looking for Zane Seein’ Dead mod

Zane is my new character and I dont know the best mod for him so im open To trade my 53 level gear for That :slight_smile:

If you have the DLC, the best mod is objectively the Seein’ Dead from the Handsome Jackpot. If you don’t it’s a little more tricky. Executor is pretty decent for mobbing but not particularily great against bosses. Antifreeze might be the strongest vanilla com for bosses but it’s a little awkward to use and kind of a pain to get. Infiltrator has some alright damage but poor synergy with Zane’s green tree. Cold Warrior has decent skills but the special effect isn’t very good.
Both Shockerator and Techspert are just bad.


Add me. Scrub_Nation. I’ll hook you up. Let me know what you have to trade. Thanks.

I’ll add you scrub_nation