I'm New and Need Boost!

Title pretty much sums it up, I bought this game yesterday and have leveled up to 17 but I need to gain more levels so missions are a wee bit easier. My gt is: Just Elbow Deep (I’m on BL2 and not on sequel)

I can help u out abit gt gra5er1

Invited this guy no reply at all so disregard my offer 2 help

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I never got an invite from anyone…

I’ll help you out after you’ve done your first play through. You should really experience the game Atleast once.

I’m on level 22 so I’m not sure what level people are by the end of the game but I don’t really wanna wait till the end to boost lol

U was online yesterday i saw ur name online at level 17ish and invited u to my game

Oh… When im online I usually don’t accept invites from people I don’t know but I don’t remember getting an invite from your GT. I was probably afk when u invited me


Oh, then no I don’t think I saw ur invite

Could you still help me out? Even tho u already said you wouldn’t lol and if you can, would you have some guns to spare. (Preferably a snipe)

I wont have guns at ur level as im 72

Can you help me boost?

I can do yeah

Ok, I’ve never boosted so what exactly we gotta do?

Wel i will run u thru things at my higher level

Oh ok, and I just stand back and follow?

Just msg me before u invite just in case I’m afk

If anyone wants to help, your gonna have to add me as I can’t join anyones game if they haven’t added me for some reason n I can’t really change that lol