I'm new to borderlands 2

I’m looking for some people to enjoy borderlands 2 with. I play on PS4 and have no friends that have the game. My gamer tag is I-ULTRA-I (btw those are capital “'i’s” on my gamer tag)

wrong game thread. go to the ps4 section for your game.

Thank you, haha sorry about that.

Whoa whoa hold on there sir. Didn’t you see the memo about taking every chance to upsell?!

Here, lemme try…

Howdy sir! Mighty fine horse you’ve got there. Here, let me get you an apple for her while we have a little chat over here…

So, you like Borderlands, huh? Oh, me too - 100% achievements on 1 and 2! How about those psycho-midgets, eh? Oh yes I agree with the witty thing you just said about Skags… boy howdy!

Say, if you like Borderlands, that probably means you love EXPLOSIONS!… As do I sir! Verily so, verily. You know what has really big EXPLOSIONS!? Like - planet-sized desert-civilization-ending scale EXPLOSIONS!? Homeworld! Also, our robots are MUCH less annoying and self-centered. Oh, and we have lasers and ion cannons… yes yes before you say anything, I know that the Pre Sequel does as well. And that’s great… just great. But ours do more than elicit complaints and curses from random ne’er-do-wells… ruffians, pirates, etc… Ours burn through ship hulls, explode ordinance, reduce sub-systems and various modules to slag. Oh, and cast light… but I digress.

So - when you’re done running around shouting pew pew with 3 of your closest online friends… come on back, and we’ll get you sorted for some real adventure.


Lol nice one Bit

And this is why BV is awesome :smiley:

Cause he does this stuff in addition to all the neat patch magic he does.

Also @crisirc, how did you even get here? How does someone get down here by accident? lol Like did you follow a bad link or something, cause we keep getting BL leaking down here and I’m curious as to why.

(Also shame you aren’t on PC, I could drag you around with my 72 kreig or something. No wait, my pure torgue maya, a build that completely flies in the face of what a siren is supposed to be)

I think they see “Remastered Edition” and think it’s the “Handsome Collection”. I understand the difference, and I still have to double check when I’m skimming the thread headers, especially since some of the topic subjects are apt for both games.

@crisirc, I’m on PC or I’d be down. I wouldn’t say you have no friends though… maybe just none who happen to own a PS4. :wink:

If you’re new to Borderlands, you’re in for a treat. Lots of the kinks are worked out, the drop rate is much higher, there are good guides about when to step into the DLCs without “spoiling” your character, etc.

Even though I’ve enjoyed the responces generated here, Ill get you moved to the PS4 section so you can find more friends.
Good luck and happy looting!